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Sorry, you need Java to see the clock applet
Want this clock on your page?

What is this clock? If you've got a Java-capable browser, you'll see the 7am News clock applet at the top left of this page (if not, you'll just see a picture of what the analog portion looks like). It's an analog and digital clock which (providing their system clock is correctly set) will show the time in the user's timezone.

What good is it? Well let's be honest - it's really just a bit of "eye-candy", but...

From a web-designers point of view it's a nice way to add something a little different to your pages at no cost and with virtually zero effort.

From 7am's point of view it's a nice way to get people to our site.

From a web-surfer's point of view it's a rather unusual visual reminder of the time - and a link to what is becoming one of the more popular and useful news sites on Net.

How do I put it on my own page(s)? Just cut and paste this bit of code into the appropriate location in the HTML for your own pages:

<APPLET code=clock7am.class width=64 height=75
<A HREF="">

That's really all it takes - and it's absolutely free!

Want your own customized clock? For just US$25 you can get your own customized clock with the following options:

  • Your own background image
  • Animated background image
  • Linking to your specified URL
  • 24hr or 12hr operation
  • Alternating Date/digital time

This is a part of our BrandWareTM product line. For more details, or to place an order, just email the developer

Maybe you'd also like to add our 7am News Ticker that will keep visitors to your pages informed with a LIVE news feed that provides up to the minute news headlines 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

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