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PATTERNS PLANETS FORM:-Indicates temperament


There are seven different types of temperaments determined by the overall position of the ten heavenly bodies with physical mass in gravitational balance with each other, in our solar system, as they reflect upon the Earth and consequently the chart of the person in question. Your temperament is your physical organization by which you think, feel and act in the world around you. In a sense it is your physical make up.

......BUNDLE TYPE :- Planets are found in four of the twelve houses, and or signs. This brings to mind that we must look at the chart from the cosmic view first. That is, how the planets lie in the zodiac. For instance, looking at the chart in the natural order of the signs, Aries being the first house, etc. Secondly, notice how the planets lie in the chart by house interpretation. Like the bowl type the orientation of the bundle is important, but in this type, self-interests are more pronounced and they become inhibited when participating with others. They may become dictators.

Read the Wheel reading under Leo for attitude:- They exhibit great vitality and also self-exaltation. .


KEYWORD:- Intimate, emotional

You display a type of temperament which is not widely universal but rather narrow in scope. You like to concentrate your energies toward a specific goal. You have a more exclusive way of operating in order to accomplish your self-fulfillment. You have the potential of genuine creative ability. You are self-sufficient and self-stabilizing. Like a gyroscope you rotate on your own axis in a narrow band of ideas and ideals. You definitely can become a prime mover in an organization because you may concentrate on a few problems that will move people on a steady course of action. In any event you exhibit an emotionally independent spirit.

......BOWL TYPE:- Planets lie on one side of the zodiac. When the bowl appears in the chart sitting upright, the planet on the left rim denotes where and how a person applies themselves. They seek a mission in life. This means they hold a particular interest to give to life, and act in order to gather knowledge. However, in the natal house chart the bowl may be upside down. This means that they continually place forth their interest in life. This also holds true for the bundle type, accordingly. If most planets are east, the person is self driven, if west, they are driven by other people.

Read the Wheel reading under Taurus for attitude:- This gives the attitude they display :- they have the capacity to maintain everyday interests, however, they follow somebody else's lead.


KEYWORD:- Self-Containment, sensitive to conditions.

You display a temperament whereby you are capable of bringing your life to some particular emphasis. You have an intensity of character and a subjective self-sufficiency. You have the capacity of being a joiner and bring your particular talents to bear in an organization. You seek recognition of your talents and which you also uncompromising expect from others. Therefore, you must guard against the likelihood of a conscious and exaggerated self-importance. You must learn to live and let live. You are very good under pressure and strive to maintain your values and possessions which others may find too troublesome to bother about. You like to seek a cause with which to associate, but it would be one that more than likely would have been already established by others.

......Bucket Type: - Planets lie on one side of the zodiac, dividing the circle in halves, and only a single planet exists in the other half forming the "handle". If the handle planet appears perpendicular to the bowl, energy is intensified according to the influence of the handle planet. When it appears to the left of center, it tends toward caution or self-conscious preparedness; to the right , life is more impulsive or responds to immediate rather then future promise.

Read the Wheel reading under Aries for attitude:- This is the attitude they display :- it gives the capacity to initiate things on their own.

BUCKET TEMPERAMENT -- a single planet in the other half, which is called the handle planet..its key words on wheels.

KEYWORD:- Individualistic, self-containment, self-expressive.

You display a temperament that while being individualistic you do have a great willingness to except and execute the concepts and ambitions of others. While you like to preserve the true values of society you have an eagerness to experiment and to rectify anything on the basis of experience. You like to fathom the cause in which you find the possibility of bringing your life to some particular emphasis. You seek uncompromising recognition of others whom you try to impress with your talents. You are very conscious of your self-importance and must guard against being overbearing. You work hard under pressure and perform such action as the handle planet indicates. However, you draw more from your own experience.

......See-Saw Type :- Two or more planets lie opposed to those in the other half of the zodiac with at least a sextile aspect on either side of the group. The strongest planet of either set, and lying to the left, or the one which would rise first, as you rotate the chart clockwise, denotes the persons application to life's situations.

Read the Wheel reading under Gemini for attitude displayed :- It gives the capacity for versatility. These people must develop their priorities and learn to stick with them.


KEYWORD:- Intense, personable, sensitive to contrast.

You display a temperament with the unusual ability to communicate the knowledge you have gained through experience. You are able to bridge practical ideas between various areas of life into an intelligent understanding and give meaning to them in a broad sense. You have a broad outlook on life but you are also sensitive to the everyday affairs of your environment. You must guard against teeter-tatter uncertainties of acts and decisions. Let these energies come out in exhibiting happy open-minded actions that you have gained through trial-and-error experience. You are capable of acting in a very fluid manner with a capacity for quick adjustment in life when the avenue of your endeavors seems to have reached a dead end, but you must first learn to be decisive. When you learn the power of decision nothing can stand in your way that you have made up you mind to do providing it is within reason.

......Splay Type :- Planets form a tripod with at least a sextile's span between them. However, only one span should be that narrow. This splay foot arrangement of planets in a chart does not have to be symmetrical. These people form their own anchorage in life. They are individualistic and purposeful in every thing they do.

Read the Wheel reading under Cancer for attitude :- They have the capacity to rebuild. They are sidesteppers -like the crab.


KEY WORDS:- Enthusiasm, eagerness, ardent.

You display a temperament whereby you enter into life with a passion for living it to the fullest. You have the capacity for individual genius when properly developed. You are capable of shaking off any shackles of limitations, therefore, you are hard to pin down to any one particular direction if it doesn't suit you. You seek adventure for the simple joy of exploration. Like the prodigal son you may find yourself in forms of wantonness if you seek too many gratifications for the moment without considering the consequences. You are capable of responsible realization which can lead to deeper participation in experiences. You have the discrete sense of birth and rebirth, capable of changing directions on a moments notice. You need discipline and purpose in order to stabilize your life.

......Slash type :- Planets are seen scattered around the zodiac. The planets forming spokes of a wheel. These people ride off in all directions at the same time, in their thinking process. This can be good or not, depending on what they arrive at when they decide to stop and take a course of action. If they do not complete the cycle, and arrive back home, they are in trouble. At best this behavior demonstrates universal interest in life, at worst, confusion.

Read the Wheel reading under Virgo for attitude :- They analyze and bring all together in a definite plan of action.


KEYWORD:- Inquisitive, intellectual.

You display a type of temperament which is not narrow in scope but rather widely universal. You must guard against scattering your energies and interest so as not to frivolously waste your energies which would divert you from accomplishing your aims in life. You are capable of handling many different problems at one time which can lead to exceptional achievement where many factors are involved. You have practical awareness of your environment but must learn to use your diversity of nature to establish a pattern of self-realization. You must learn the power of decision, that is, ounce you make up your mind on a given course of action and stick to it all things are possible with in reason.

......Locomotive Type :- Planets lie in order around the chart without a sextile aspect between them and an open span of a trine in one part of the zodiac. The open span is like the counter weight on the driving wheel of the locomotive. These are self-driving individuals, they exhibit eccentricity which is not queerness or unbalance, but, rather, power that is dynamic and practical.

Read the Wheel reading under Libra for attitude :- They have the capacity for harmony and adventure in life

LOCOMOTIVE TEMPERAMENT:- Planets lie in a litle more than three quarters of the chart.

KEYWORD:- Indomitable, single-minded-ness, self-driving.

Your temperament is that of a self-driving individual. You can develop such a single-minded-ness as to boarder on fanaticism. You must guard against being intolerable and radical which can act as a destructive force when unbridled. You are not easily thrown off balance for you seem to have an inherent capacity for keeping yourself in equilibrium to the point that other people think you are just plane lucky. You have an innate understanding of life and approach it philosophically with self-momentum not easily stopped. You like to participate in everyday affairs with a zest for entering into the competition with self-assurance that is simply indomitable. Although you have both feet on the ground you appear to be stepping forward and backward in an effort to fulfill your special talents. Pay particular attention to the meaning of the planets in the signs that follows for it is the way you approach life in all of its aspects.

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