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The high focus planet is the planet that holds a dominating position in the chart, for instance, by being a handle planet in a bucket type of chart or the cutting planet in a locomotive or bowl type of a chart. The cutting planet is the planet that leads the other planets in the clockwise position causing it to precede the other planets and thus becomes the first to rise as the zodiac rotates clock wise through the houses. Also qualifying as being in high focus is a planet in the tenth house or in one of the other angular houses that forms a grand trine with the other planets.


This position of the Sum gives you a frank, free, generous, and outspoken approach to life. You are ambitious proud with quick perception. You are independent, defensive and generally rise above your sphere in life. You readily accept responsibility.


Your approach to life is with an intense, sensitive, intuitive, and receptive attitude. You are generally concerned with the public and public affairs. It gives a fruitful imagination to the point of being ingenious. It denotes an active life dealing with people in general.


You approach to life is through a fertile, logical imagination. It gives you a quick comprehension and an inquiring mind. You are resourceful and persuasive in setting forth your ideas also makes you quick witted, dexterous hands, good singing voice.


Your approach to life is through intimate relations with people. It gives a cheerful, sympathetic, and affectionate attitude in handling situations in your environment. It makes for a refined, generous just nature in striving to adjust to life's situation.


This dominance of Mars in your chart gives you an ambitious, confident, enterprising, assertive approach to the way of life. Generally you create a great deal of your own fate by impulse and strong desires. It gives you practical, executive ability. You love independence but you must guard against being reckless.


This position of Saturn gives you a thoughtful, considerate mind. You are systematic, economical and pay careful attention to your affairs in general. It gives a calm, serious approach to life. You are industrious with steadfastness and perseverance. You have worldly wisdom and practical ability. Makes you thrifty.


This position gives a very optimistic, enthusiastic approach to life. You are cheerful, generous and sincere. It gives you the opportunity to lead in social, educational and business circles. You have good reasoning power with a logical and self confident attitude toward life.


Your approach to life is through originality of thought and independence of mind. You are inventive and like to try new and even odd ways of dealing with situations which may cause people to think of you as being eccentric. This position makes you independent and revolutionary - sometimes radical.


Your approach to life is through your psychic ability to sense the true condition of your environment. It gives you intuitive ability which makes you act in a self assured way. It also gives quiet inner poise of character. You may have prophetic dreams.


Your approach to life is through your ability to sense group moods. It makes you impressionable with the potential of dealing with pure ideas and theoretical relationships. You may find yourself setting forth revolutionary ideas for group action.


When the majority of planets are above the horizon it makes a person extrovertic. When the majority are below the horizon -- introvertic.

When planets are concentrated in groups - gives power to that sign.

The planets in sequence signifies - the person is able to handle situations easily and gives help in solving problems.

Neptune in tenth - publicity - maintains a place in life.

Nepyune in tenth - may be air line hostess.

Neptune in the fifth - abortion - trouble with first child.

Uranus in the fifth or eight - unconventional love affairs.

Jupiter in the first - outgoing personality, obesity.

Saturn in first - short statue. Mars in first - energy.


Individuality :- Sun Sign interpretation on the horoscope wheels. Also - look to the aspect of Mars and Moon.

........Mars --- Favorable aspects --- give ease of action and self-assurance in operation.

........Mars --- Unfavorable aspects -- give a forceful energy drive that needs to be developed.

........Moon --- Favorable aspects --- give inner ease of response and aid in creative ability.

........Moon --- Unfavorable aspects -- creates inner conflict; they must learn to be constructive.

Favorable aspects --- Semi-sextile 30, Sextile 60, Trine 120 degrees apart. ...These aspects shift the responsibility to other people making your life uncomplicated.

Unfavorable aspects -- Semi-square 45, Square 90, Inconjunct 150 degrees apart. ...These aspects place the responsibility squarely on your shoulders with problems to solve.

Opositions --180 degrees apart. ...Planets so disposed are tension aspects with conflicts to solve.

When considering the persons own knowledge of the sign influence they feel most dominate in their life, we must look to the aspects of Mars and the Moon to the Sun. Mars is a persons energy drive. Mars in Aries, Leo, or Scorpio is normally a strong energy drive, however, if it does not make a major aspect to the Sun, as a rule, the person does not naturally exhibit this strong energy drive, nevertheless, they may develop it easily. People with a weak Mars by sign position must exert more effort to develop a good energy drive, all conditions may be overcome thru positive thinking.

Here is an important fact we should be aware of : Nature gives or denies particular influences according to the pattern of their chart, nevertheless, Nature never says "this is and only this is the way"; basically we are free agents and may exercise a free will in life but the fact remains, as a general rule we don't. But this is not to say that we can't. When we make up our mind to accomplish a particular purpose in life all the creative energies in the universe will back us up and avail us the necessary elements to accomplish our aim. However, Nature, the creative mind, does not gamble with its own purpose for life. A sufficient number of patterns predestinated to be, will arise upon the scene of life, so at least a few such species will transmit those ingredients required for the evolution of Nature's desired effect in life.

The relationship of the Moon to the Sun is very important to a person's individuality and the aspect shows whether a person may bring theirself in balance with their environment easily or with difficulty. With no major aspect a person exhibits a shifting of balance. The pursuit of personal satisfaction and accomplishment is a continual problem until the person realizes their potential and begins to develop their purpose for living.

Personality :- Moon Sign interpretation from the wheels. Also, look to the aspects of Venus and Mercury..

....Venus - Favorable - give ease of emotional response and good feelings toward others.

....Venus - Unfavorable - give a person slow response and often cause tension in relationships.

....Mercury - Favorable - give open response and make them talkative.

....Mercury - Unfavorable - cause indecision and unsure responses toward people.

The personality is how other people see a person and the aspects of Venus and Mercury are extremely important when trying to determine the manner in which a person responds to others. If there is no major aspect, consider the number of degrees between the Moon and the planet, then add or subtract the least number of degrees required to form an aspect. The aspect thus formed will denote the influence the person will gravitate towards. This is true when considering relationships between all the planets. Stick to the major aspect mentioned above.

Rising Sign :- Denotes the life style of the person. The interpretation given on the wheels of that sign. Also consider the aspects of Mercury to the ascendent and the Midheaven, it will be with ease or difficulty accordingly.


These three Ultra-Saturnian planets can't be judged too individually unless they are prominent in the birth chart. As a professional astrologer, I consider that these three planets form the generation gap. Their influence is felt world wide, however, we notice more drastic changes between each generation in the United States, particularly during the 20th century.

In observing these planets the same condition is not so stringently applicable in regard to the house position. They are also helpful in determining the planetary pattern of the chart as a whole. Uranus makes the journey through the twelve signs once in about 84 years. Neptune transits the signs in about 165 years and Pluto takes about 248 years. Thus, we observe that Uranus is in the same sign for 7 years. Neptune remains in a sign 13 to 14 years and Pluto 13 to 26 years. For instance, Pluto was in Cancer from 1913 to 1939 during the boom and bust years of our economic life of US. It also ushered in communism in Europe - the state will be your mother and take care of you all you have to do is to follow orders.

These three planets are of social significance because they effect a large block of people who are born and raised together in a common pattern. Leaders arise who articulate the impetus defined by and stemming from their general pattern of influence. Thus we find that there exist a generation gap. Each generation gravitates toward the things they have in common with one another and this determined by the influence of the Ultra-Saturnian planets. Since the pattern of influence changes with each generation they are always at odds with their parents. The children say, "But Mom, these are modern times !!!!"

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