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These three Ultra-Saturnian planets can't be judged too individually unless they are prominent in the birth chart. As a professional astrologer, I consider that these three planets form the generation gap. Their influence is felt world wide, however, we notice more drastic changes between each generation in the United States, particularly during the 20th century.

In observing these planets the same condition is not so stringently applicable in regard to the house position. They are also helpful in determining the planetary pattern of the chart as a whole. Uranus makes the journey through the twelve signs once in about 84 years. Neptune transits the signs in about 165 years and Pluto takes about 248 years. Thus, we observe that Uranus is in the same sign for 7 years. Neptune remains in a sign 13 to 14 years and Pluto 13 to 26 years. For instance, Pluto was in Cancer from 1913 to 1939 during the boom and bust years of our economic life of US.

It also ushered in communism in Europe - the idea that the state will be your mother and take care of you, all you have to do is to follow orders. These three planets are of social significance because they effect a large block of people who are born and raised together in a common pattern. Leaders arise who articulate the impetus defined by and stemming from their general pattern of influence. Thus we find that there exist a generation gap. Each generation gravitates toward the things they have in common with one another and this determined by the influence of the Ultra-Saturnian planets. Since the pattern of influence changes with each generation they are always at odds with their parents. The children say, "But Mom, these are modern times !!!!"

The Generation Gap :- 1942 - 1958

The outer planets according to their sign don't reveal individual traits but rather effect your whole generation. Of course they do effect you as far as house positions are concerned and rather in an unusual way; astrologers of old did not know these planets and their effects. As a matter of fact, when I first learned to read charts we didn't know how Pluto would influence the generation nor the house positions, now we have learned that it is the planet that causes the drug problem we have in the world today, and particularly in the U.S. Pluto in Leo brought forth the rebellious disposition of a generation in the 60's with drugs and seeking free love and independence from parental domination. It didn't leave Leo for good untill June 1958 when it entered Virgo to influence your generation which are just now exercising their rebellious spirit more in a mental way rather then in a physical way. This is the effect on your generation. Today they seek mental freedom, as we witness by the fall of Communism. People seek to rid themselves of government domination. The republicans swept both houses with the promiss of less goverment.

The Generation Gap :- 1942 - 1958

Uranus in Gemini makes your generation a fickle bunch of people who want to love every body, the divorce rate is proof of this influence on your generation.

The Generation Gap :- 1942 - 1957

Neptune in Libra is the sure sign of free love, that is if you can get it and your generation knows how to do it; as a friend of mine once said you just do it !!

The Generation Gap :- 1962 - 1968

In your generation Uranus was in Virgo. This makes for an independent and original thinking generation as we are now witnessing with the fall of communism in many of the nations that were under that stifling system of government. It makes them want to brake the shackles that have bound their parents and themselves to the dictates of their leaders.

The Generation Gap :- 1957 - 1971

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto form what we call the generation gap because they move so slowly through the chart as to be in the same signs of many people in the same generation.

In your generation Uranus was in Leo. This makes for a very independent nature who seek to dominate and have their own way.

Neptune in Scorpio 1957 - 1969 intensifies feelings and emotions to the point that makes you act openly and with persistence. You have a tendency to want to know the unknown factors of life.

Pluto in Virgo makes you bold in action and willing to struggle for the things you desire in life. Your generation is a progressive lot of people who are looking to the future for a better way of life and are willing to work hard and peacefully to get it.

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