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Subject:   " The Space Quantum Theory "

Someone wrote me this remark as a comment on the article I placed in -- alt: -- on the subject.

"Incredible! usually I like a post as far as it goes, or I hate it completely. In this case I think it is with quantum precision half right. or it has a rightness charge of 1/2."

Then he went on to explain his own idea about the universe. The reason the person who made the above comment thought my theory was half right is because what I wrote only gave the physical aspect of the theory. To completely understand the theory you must read the mental aspect of the theory, which I am still working on. As an aside you might see my article on Dreaming. However, read the below remarks to learn where the theory is leading me.

Everyone who studies physics, and those particularly concerned with the creation and development of the universe, come up with a different theory of their own since it is admitted by most writers that something is wrong with present day theories.

According to my own idea about the universe I think that -University of London physicist David Bohm, a former protege of Einstein and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists, and Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, one of the architects of our modern understanding of the brain-- they both believe that the universe itself may be a giant hologram not unlike the structure of the human being.

The beginning of the development of my own theory started in the 1950's long before I knew the ideas professed by the other two physicists although their conclusion are not unlike my own.

Looking at the universe as a whole as having a construct analogous to the human being and if we can agree that humans are both a mental and a physical reality, then believing the analogy we may suppose the universe to be both a mental and physical actuality.

One look into the heavens permits us all to agree that the galaxies formed with stars that rotate around a nucleus may be likened to the molecules formed with atoms that structures our physical bodies, therefore, we may think of the galaxies as being the physical body of the universe composed of these stars that form the galaxies. The gravitational force holds the galaxies together, the electromagnetic force holds our molecules together. They are not unlike one another.

Now it so happens our physical body is alive for a time. We may think of it as being bathed in consciousness. A kind of sublevel of our physical being. Bohm's most startling assertion is that reality is like a holographic image. He claims there is a deeper level of reality he calls the implicate order, meaning enfolded or something folded and twist together. It is a deeper order of existence. He refers to our own level of existence as the unfolded or explicate order. He uses these terms because he sees the universe as the enfolding and unfolding between the two orders. Likewise, our physical being is unfolded in our daily life of consciousness living. We are born grow old and die, likewise, stars are born grow old and die. It has been said as above so it is below. I feel there is no reason for not believing this to be true.

Bohm's holographic universe explains many puzzles. One is the effect consciousness seems to have on the subatomic world. Bohm rejects the idea that particles don't exist until they are observed. But he is not in principle against trying to bring consciousness and physics together. However, he thinks physicists are wrong to say that one separate thing, consciousness, interacts with another separate thing, the subatomic particle, because all such things are aspects of the holomovement, which personifies the physical aspect of our world.

According to our current understanding of physics, every region of space is awash with different kinds of fields composed of waves of varying lengths containing some energy. Every cubic centimeter of empty space contains huge quantity of energy. Some even claim it is equal to all the matter in the know universe, which is difficult to believe if we are unaware of what space is really composed. Bohm thinks this infinite ocean of energy does exist and tells us at least a little about the vast hidden nature of the implicate order. Physicist ignore this ocean of energy, like fish who are unaware of the water in which they swim. Their focus is upon matter, ignorant of the ocean in which matter is constantly bathed. Matter is not independent of so-called empty space, it is part of space. Bohm claims a crystal cooled to absolute zero permits electrons to pass through it unopposed. Raise the temperature and various flaws appear to the electron as objects, matter floating in a sea of nothingness, however, both are part of the deeper order of the crystal.

Bohm sees this ocean as an implicate sea of energy that has given birth to all the matter in the universe. After all matter is nothing more then waves, electromagnetic waves that crisscross one another forming matter. Like the hologram of interference patterns on a film, reality may be perceived as a conglomerate interference pattern which we focus upon as reality. Bohm concludes that the universe is a holographic movement of motion..

So much for the physical aspect of our world.

Now when it comes to the mental aspect of our world every thing goes wild. It is beyond the general public's capacity to define what is consciousness. The dictionary tells us it is to be awake to one's own existence. We think of this as an inward sensibility. We wake up remembering who we are and what we are going to do with our allotted time this day, knowing full well that it wont last forever. But in reality what is this allotment of time? What is consciousness?

Pribram, like Bohm's view of the physical world, also sees consciousness as a holographic movement of energy. The formulation of Primbram's model of consciousness began with the notion that our memories were localized in the brain

Each memory had a specific location in the brain cells. Memory traces were called engrams although no one knew what an engram was made of it was thought it was just a question of time before one would be found. Wilder Penfiend, a neurosurgeon, offered evidence that specific memories had specific locations. However, at Yale, Pribram found that patients who had portions of their brain removed for medical reasons never suffered any loss of specific memories. Removal of large portions of the brain might cause hazy memories, but no one ever came out of surgery with any selected memory loss. I seemed that memories were distributed throughout the brain. Even whole hemispheres were remove with out ill effect on memories. This led Pribram to look for a reason why. He read an article in Scientific America describing the construction of a hologram that hit him like a thunderbolt. Holograms are formed when laser light is split, one ray bounced off an object to be photographed, the other send to the film. When a laser ray is shown on the film the interference pattern recorded may reveal the object. Unlike normal photographs, every potion of the holographic film contains all the information of the whole object. As a mater of fact, many photos may be stored and retrieved from the same holographic film by simply changing the angle of the rays, then retrieving the photo be using the same angle for the same photographic picture. What all this boils down to is that Pribram concludes that our brain's structure is holographic in nature and that consciousness may not be the physical objects we see, but the sorting out of interference patterns by the mind -- what ever we think that may be, but surely it is not composed of atoms and molecules, therefore it must be composed of the pure space quanta.

My book on "The Space Quantum Theory" will explains both worlds, the universe and human, both physical and consciousness when it is completed. I favor the holographic aspect of the universeand the human being.

"As it is below so it is above"
Jim Marshall

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