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In the Newtonian outlook the notions of matter, space and time were separate and fundamental. It is the outlook of common sense. Quantum mechanics and relativity dispelled this Newtonian notion, but they are opposed to one another in a fundamental way. Quantum mechanics seeks to make energy separate and defined statistically while space-time seeks a more positive and deterministic view. This statistical outlook of QM as verses the deterministic outlook of GR is the root cause of the incompatibility between these theories. The Space Quantum Theory seeks to weld them together making them compatible by introducing a two fold metric spacetronic field. Spacetron is the name given to the space quantum. All energies have a relationship between infinity and each other. Radiant energy falls toward infinity, driven by the impetus force as determined by one aspect of the metric spacetronic field, in a straight line, while mass developed from the expansion aspect (gravitational pressure) of the metric spacetronic field, follows the curvature of the universe as a whole, and in part from the curvature emanating from other relative mass bodies and tend to fall together.

Vocal cords produce compressional waves (high and low pressures) that travel through the air. These waves are received by the ear, which converts these pressure waves into electro-chemical impulses that are distributed to the relevant centers of the brain. The ear also acts as a mechanism for body balance; the semi-circular canals allow the brain to determine the position of the head in relation to the gravitational force surrounding the Earth. If pressure and gravity were two separate and unrelated forces, would one not expect to find two distinctly separate organs in humans to monitor these phenomena? Gravity is the spacetronic field pressure acting on mass, which also acts on the semi-circular canals for balance.

The metric spacetronic force (gravity) not only acts between an object relative to the center of the earth but also between one mass and another. Just as the force is less on a mountain top then it is at the sea shore, likewise, it is less between objects on a mountain then at the sea shore because the field is more expanded away from ponderable mass such as the earth. That is why you feel light head when visiting on top of high mountains until your semi-circular canals adapt to that new less pressurized metric spacetronic condition. Astronauts have the same problem in their weightlessness condition the first day or so in orbit. Thus the metric spacetronic field of pressure diminishes as one recedes from the earth. In orbit above the earth everything becomes weightless. Nevertheless, the force of gravity still acts between objects though not as great as it does on earth, so the astronauts and objects float freely around in this expanded metric spacetronic field.

Mach saw single units of mass as simply an operating part of the whole universe. According to Ernst Mach, centrifugal force and resistance to motion against being accelerated is not an intrinsic property of mass, but rather a measure of the interaction with the rest of the universe. Mach said, without other matter in the universe, if other stars disappeared, centrifugal force and inertia would disappear with them. Mach was unable to formulate his theory of gravity, although, he was cognizant of the notion that mass as a whole had a relative meaning. Einstein picked up on that idea and developed his general theory of relativity. However, Einstein did not realize that space was in a state of expansion when he produce his theory, nor that for every quantity of space-time- expansion their exist a quantity of mass and that as expansion-time continues so does the increase of mass transpire, and this take place in the center of galaxies. Consequently, galaxies are mass generators due to the expansion of the metric spacetronic field, which field exerts a pressure on all mass units regardless of their size Mass being a field of compressed spacetrons. There is an equilibrium balance between the quantity of mass in the universe and the quantity of spacetronic expansion that has taken place.

This gives rise to the first SQT law, " their is a limit to the amount of compression a spacetron is capable of receiving." The second SQT law is "for every unit of space expansion there exist a unit of space contraction" Proof of this statement lies in the fact that the further back in time we go the greater is the red shift we see in light coming from celestial objects. That is, as time transpires the space expansion factor causes the light wave to spread out effecting a red shift in light's wave emanating from those distant objects. Those electromagnetic light waves come to us by the expansion and contraction of the spacetronic field, thus, affecting the second spacetronic law. Concerning the Space Quantum Theory recently I have been trying to develop a mathematical scheme and structure that might possibly discover something new concerning the physical description of our universe. At one time I thought that Einstein's general relativity equation might do the trick if I would consider vamping them in five dimensions. For instance, adding another dx5^2 to his field equations for the expansion dimensional factor in my theory. The following is Einstein's equation, the ds^2 factor meaning a little bit of space squared.

ds^2 = dx^2 + dy^2 + dz^2 - ct^2 or ds^2 = dx1^2 + dx2^2 + dx3^2 - dx4^2 -dx4^2 = -ct^2

which equation may be expressed as ds^2 = Guv du dv u, v = 1 2 3 4 with the assumption that every index occurring twice is to be summed. thus expressing the general relativity universal continuum. The equation presupposes a global space, or perhaps a torus topology, therefore, the tensor equation expresses the curvature of that space. ds^2 means a little bit of space equals a small metric dimension in three direction i.e. x, y, z using -ct as the measuring rod i.e. the speed of light which is constant in all directions. The minus sign as the forth dimension simply moves the metric unit dimensionally from one place to the next immediate space as time transpires, thus, characterizing the universal metric field of gravitation, not as a force of attraction that Newton professed, but rather, as a space dominated be the ponderable mass that exists itself in it. Basically, because the forth dimension is expressed with a minus sign that makes this expression an indefinite metric equation as opposed to a definite metric equation where all the signs are the same.

ds^2 = dx1^2 +/- dx2^2 +/- dx3^2 +/- dx4^2

The above equation being the fundamental metric form that defines the measure of length of both mass and space. i.e. gravitational mass equals inertia mass. Depending on the mixture determines whether it is the gravitational force or the inertia force and the nature of the 4th dimension..

In thinking over the proposition of using five dimensions I suddenly realized that Einstein's gravitational theory did not really express what my theory was literally saying completely, it only describes the macroscopic expanding spacetronic field. I believe Einstein is correct, gravity is not an dynamic force at all, it is a static condition develop by the fact that ponderable mass exerts a contraction due to the universal expanding spacetronic field (USEF) as mass moves through it, which causes space to curve around it. Mass falling toward a large body must follow that curvature produced by that body. If the falling body is moving fast enough, it orbits the larger body; e.g. like the earth-moon relationship; otherwise, the diminishing spacetronic field (space quanta field), as one descends toward the large body, causes one to gravitate toward that body. This is motivated by that diminishing spacetronic field, meaning a more contracted spacetronic field is present. For that reason mass itself, being a completely contracted spacetronic field falls toward the larger body that presents a least resisting spacetronic field; the contracted field having less resistance to the contracted mass then the expanding field above the larger body

Einstein does not say how or why space curves around mass, for instance, the sun. He simply says it does curve but gives no reason. Just as Newton says the sun attracts the earth but gives no reason. The Reason In SQT gravity is the static pressure of the universe spacetronic expansion field, (USEF), which exists in principle as an expanded spacetronic field relative to mass, exerting pressure on mass, which mass being a contracted spacetronic field is held together by USEF. However, the theory further declares that as the spacetronic field expands it gives up energy, which, in the first instance, coalesces in the center of galaxies, making galaxies mass generators, but supplementary, gives mass its kinetic power, i.e. it is the force that enabled Newton to say that every body continues in a state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it, the first law of the laws of motion.

While Einstein's equations give the spacetronic pressure factor of the SQT, relatively speaking it is not complete. With this forgoing realization I comprehended that my theory needs equations to describe what is taking place at the very core of mass where the kinetic action is taking place. So to begin with I set up my equation as follows:-

ds^2 = dx1^2 + dx2^2 + dx3^2 + dx4^2 dx^4 = Et^2

Et = expansion-time, the energy that creates the impetus force.... Et = C h as differing from space-time or Ct .... that maintains a pressure on mass. Therefore:- Et = 1.9865 x 10^-26 joule/sec./sec.

ds^2 = Guv du dv u, v = 1 2 3 4

Since all the signs are the same in the above equation then it is designated a definite metric equation. Applying these equations not to the macrocosmic space that contains molecular structure i.e. ponderable mass, as are those of Einstein's, but rather, we must implement them in the microcosmic space of the nucleus of the atom. Oddly enough the structure of the equation are the same, but, Einstein's gravitational equations are interpreted as hyperbola, while SQT mass space equations are interpreted as the non-Euclidian geometry of Riemann. Since they deal with the microscopic world where the string unit that creates mass is generated, we are dealing with the energy given up by the spacetronic field due to expansion. This energy is the impetus force that actually maintains the string gyroscopic unit (mass) and moves that unit as well as all energy through the spacetronic field.

Because the 4th dimension, i.e., the speed of light C times the Planck's constant h, C h = Et, is a positive force, this means that the inner field of the nucleus of an atom is an expanding field. In other words the expansion of the universe is taking place within mass itself and not in the space that is placing a pressure on mass holding it together, which is the domain of general relativity. This field expands as time transpires, therefore, because of this condition elements have a half life attached to their existence. This fact is bore out by the radioactivity of heavy elements.

Another realization that comes to light is that celestial units are not speeding away from one another as is presently thought. The expansion is taken up by the creation of elementary mass in galactic units, however, a balance is brought about by the radioactivity of the higher elements. Therefore, the universe entertains a stable condition. The red shift is then due to the light rays being spread out.

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