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For all people just starting to learn astrology my three wheels explain the meaning of the planets, signs and houses. They will aid you in learning this art. The large wheel interprets a three word meaning of the Sun, Moon and planets, A smaller wheel that is placed on top of the large wheel defines a three word meaning of the signs. A third smaller wheel specifies the meaning of each house. Aligning the planet with the sign and house, my wheels denote the horoscope interpretation immediately. It tells you of the psyche you were endowed with at birth.

Send me your Place of Birth -- Date, Time, AM or PM. Indicate Daylight Time or Standard Time if you know, otherwise, I can look up the Time in Time Changes in the USA. I will send you your horoscope chart and tell you how to read it using my three wheels. The wheels make it an easy task in understanding your chart. Click here to get an idea of what the wheels look like.

Also, since the wheels are cardboard discs I need your postal mailing address in order to send my wheels to you.

Mail check or money order in the amount of $15.00 for chart, instructions and the wheels. Add $3.00 for each additional chart you may want to read. Include birth data.

Jim Marshall
501 Pineview Drive
Raleigh, NC USA 27610