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For all of you just starting to learn the art of astrology my copyrighted three wheels will help you by explaining the meaning of the planets, signs and houses and their relationships to each other. The largest wheel contains a three-word explanation of the Sun, Moon and planets. The next smaller wheel is placed on top of the large wheel and contains a three-word meaning of the zodiac signs. This wheel also gives you the meaning of your rising sign. The smallest wheel specifies the meaning of each of the 12 houses. By aligning all three wheels - the planet, sign and house - according to where they are as indicated by your horoscope, my wheels give the horoscope interpretation immediately. It tells you of the psyche you were endowed with at birth and much much more!

Send me your Place of Birth, Date, and Time; AM or PM. Indicate Daylight Time or Standard Time if you know, otherwise, I can look up the Time in Time Changes in the USA. I will send you your computer generated horoscope chart and provide further directions on how to interpret it using my three wheels. The wheels make this an easy and fun experience!

Click here to get an idea of what the wheels look like.

Also, since the wheels are sturdy cardboard discs I need your postal mailing address in order to mail them to you.

Mail check or money order in the amount of $5.00 for chart, instructions and wheels. Add $.50 cents for each additional chart you may want to read, just include their birth data.

Jim Marshall
501 Pineview Drive
Raleigh, N.C. 27610


For those people who send for my wheels I will give you my interpritation of the planets in the signs, also the meanings of the fire, earth, air, water elements, and the meanings of the Sun and Moon in the houses. I think you will find it useful in developing your own way of reading charts.

Find your birth date below and click on it for your Sun Sign reading

ARIES - March 21 - april 20 click ............... TAURUS - April 21 - May 21 click

GEMINI - May 22 - June 21 click ............... CANCER - June22 - July 23 click

LEO - July 24 - August 23 click .................... VIRGO - August 24 - Sept 23 click

LIBRA - Sept 24 - Oct 23 click .................... SCORPIO - Oct 24 - Nov 22 click

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23 - Dec 21 click ...... CAPRICORN - Dec 22 - Jan 20 click

AQUARIUS - Jan 21 - Feb 19 click ............. PISCES - Feb 20 - March 20 click

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