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ASTROLOGERS:- We are actually a person with a potential purpose that is the result of a millennia of planetary evolution, whose present day evolutionary purpose in living is beyond any limitations that are imposed upon us by the influences indicated in our astrological chart. We are a human being of staggering complexity. It has been programmed physically, psychologically, emotionally, and intuitively, to prevail in a world of innumerable possibilities and probabilities. We are an instrument, an individual self in charge of a God given organism, who we should recognize as an "I Am" having a purpose for living, which is revieled in our astrological chart.

As a small child we had to endure the human processes of, parental guidance, education, socialization, and religious training; processes designed by generations of ancestral influences who were responding to both inner-dictates and external authority. We were trained to recognize certain despicable acts as sins againsts civilized behavior; when committed, we have fillings of shame and guilt. Depending on our parental and religious training, we may only realize these sins through our built in Conscience, a God given mechanism that lets us recognize personal actions as being right or wrong. In biblical terms it is called the Tree of Knowledge. As the story goes, God broke off relationship with mankind when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and their eyes were open to the knowledge of right and wrong, it was the birth of a Conscience in the human being. As Christians, we through Christ obtain reconciliation with our God and these burdens are lifted from our minds by the reception of the Holy Spirit. However, anyone who asks forgiveness of their sins may recieve the Holy Spirit for God said: Rev. 3, 20; I stand at the door and knock: if and any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me!

As individuals almost infinite capacity for understanding, fulfillment, and development exits within our being. This potential self has the possibility to exist in dimensions that are unimaginable in an ordinary sense when you learn to read the messages given you in your astrological chart. It can guide you into a better fulfillment of your life on Earth. The chart defines what, in reality, is the purpose of your existence, therefore, it behooves you to know who you are according to your astrological indications. Living in the midst of an increasingly baffling civilization, the idea that your natal chart reveals to you your true self may sound farfetched indeed, but it is testable and provable within the restriction of your own existence. To do so, what you must learn to know is what the influential meanings of the planets are in your life through your own personal observations. This is shown by your own individual actions as correlated by the indications detailed in your own birth horoscope. As you realize that your chart does indicate your individuality, personality and other natural trates according to the planets in the signs you gain confidence to go on from there to discover other things.

I will send you your free horoscope and the - MEANING OF THE SIGNS, PLANETS, HOUSES ON 3 CARDBOARD DISC - The meanings of the planets on a large disc as well has instructions on how to use the disc, signs on a smaller disc that also gives a reading of the sign, and the meaning of the houses on the smallest disc; they rotate to line up giving you an interpretation of your horoscope. Purchase price for a set of 3 disc - $10.00.

Send birth data: Date, Hour, Place, plus Postal Address and check or money order to:

Jim Marshall
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Raleigh, N C 27610

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