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As an enlightened generation, we are well aware that God did not create the world in 6 days. A day with the Lord is as a billion years. Astronomers have know for some time that the universe began some 10 and perhaps 20 billion years ago. As the drawing indicates, random spacetronic (electromagnetic, light) waves began to appear about nine billion years ago. God created the universe out of His own being, SPACE. These space waves coalesced to form Quasars that give off more radiant energy. The interchange of this energy between bodies caused the formation of elliptical galaxies, which evolved into normal galaxies, as the one pictured below.

It is my theory that space is quantized and is in a state of expansion. As the majority of space units expand a minority of space units contract. Gen. 1: 3, In the beginning God said, "Let there be light." It is the contracted space units that form the electromagnetic waves, light. that coalesced into mass. As the drawing indicates, mass increases as space expands forming the various celestial units we see in our night sky. Acording the The Space Quntum Theory we consider galaxies as mass generators. You may read the book concerning my theory on--

The next drawing gives a picture of a possible scenario for the way our universe exists. We have determined that galaxies are all streaming along with ours at 600 km per second. It may be that if we were somewhere out in infinity looking back, our universe would look like a donut or torus. For all we know, there may even be other universes beside our own. There seems to be no end to the numerous celestial bodies that we may see in our night sky,which are streaming along with our own galaxy.

Some astronomers believe that there is a huge group of galaxies that are causing those in our vicinity of the universe to be attracted toward that group. However, after many searches, conducted by various groups of astronomers, no such of an attracting group can be found to exist in our universe. Nevertheless, there are groups of galaxies that seem to form huge walls with vast spaces between those groups, but these have no attracting power since they, also, are streaming along with our galaxies.

When we arrive in the world we must consider ourselves as the only "I AM" entity in the whole of infinity and that all the energies of this infinite force is impinging in upon us giving us power and strength. However, their are other entities that interfere with this force that takes away from us a portion of that infinite energy. Some people say it is the positions of the planets in the heavens about us that effects an influence upon us. They say it makes us a unique entity according to the day, hour and what is most important the place we were born in our universe. Some people think if we discover that Mars had life on it, at one time, that it would devastate the religious beliefs we hold today. Indeed, this is totally an incorrect concept of why religious beliefs may be depended upon, perhaps as well as Astrology. Some claim Astrology is a meaningful scientific art that tells us who we are, and if we were born on Mars or any other place in the universe, we would still be subjected to and indebted for our strength from the Creator of our universe, our God, from whom we draw our energy and the influences of the heavenly bodies that would still surround us and interfere with that universal force.

Every school boy or girl knows that the sun is the center of our solar system, but when dealing with the individual we must consider ourselves, not only as the center of our solar system, but as the center of our universe. Thus, we are a unique entity according to the day and hour we were born. Because the expansion of our universe adds more energy each microsecond, this causes a new condition to exist in the world around us and places its stamp upon us. Therefore, each individual is born to a new generation of people who see things from a different point of view, however, each generation has their own leaders. These leaders organize the people and unites them into their way of thinking, thus, changing the whole human society, acording to the Signs of their time. For instance, Newton claimed in the 17th century that every nation in the world had their astrologers as well as a religion. Newton himself was an astrologer and read horoscopes for his friends and believed in God. Today astronomer and scientist call astrology a pseudo-science and claim religion is a fairy tale, but they could be wrong!

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