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CHRISTIAN ASTROLOGERS:- We are actually a person with a potential purpose that is beyond any limitations that are imposed upon us by the influences indicated in our astrological chart. Whether you think of yourself as a soul and spirit, or simply a nature of an integral self, you are able to deduce what the body and mind of your soul and spirit are endowed with by the influences indicated in your natal astrological chart. The soul and spirit you currently are occupies your physical component, which you respond to as yourself here on Earth. The body and mind itself, being the result of millennia of planetary evolution, is a human being of staggering complexity. It has been programmed physically, psychologically, emotionally, and intuitively, to prevail in a world of innumerable possibilities and probabilities. The body and mind is an instrument and you, as a soul and spirit, are an individual self in charge of that God given organism.

As a small child you had to endure the human processes of, parental guidance, education, socialization, and religious training; processes designed by generations of ancestral influences who were responding to both inner-dictates and external authority. In order to adapt to the circumstances of human existence, you really were restrained so that you could adjust to the demands made upon you without your interference. This adjustment resulted in you developing a complex array of overlapping, often contradictory responses to those demands. Your genuine self was increasingly ignored and, as a result, its development, as indicated in your natal chart virtually ceased to be when you were quite young. Its existence was sustained through your emotional life as you grew to maturity; the experience of your true self was probably in the form of powerful inner feelings. Grief of overwhelming loss or the joy of genuine love added a dimension of depth and clarity, however briefly, to the life you are living. In remorse you feel for the commission of a despicable act, you are filled with a feeling of shame, guilt, and when that happens, you realize you have committed a sin against your Creator, God: however, you may only realize it as Conscience, depending on your parental and religious training, but through Christ we obtain reconceliation with our God and these burdins are lifted from our minds.

Restrained as infants, we are raised with conflicting voices, and development may be frequently chaotic. The imperative need to be nurtured, in even the sanest human surroundings may still produce a self in a state of fragmentation. Rather than arising as one unified individual, however imperfect, we often adapt by splitting ourselves and adopting a variety of guises proportionate to the number of significant influences encountered during our formative years. A semblance of balance is maintained by sealing these desparate selves from each other so that the dictates of each one may be momentarily given deferential control until the next one deposes it. Add to this the natural variety of responses necessary for the survival and perpetuation of the self and you will have a clearer picture of the bewildering state of human life on Earth, and their reason for salvation through the sacrafice of Jesus Christ.

In contrast to the fragmented finite life or basic self, an almost infinite capacity for understanding, fulfillment, and development exits within your being. This potential self has the possibility to exist in dimensions that are unimaginable in an ordinary sense, when you accept Jesus Christ as your savior from the sin and corruption brought upon you by your ancestors and learn to read the messages given to you in your astrological chart, which will guide you into a better fulfilling life on Earth.

The notion of a soul and spirit is an ancient one that recurs in the abundance of human cosmologies, but because of our inability to conceptualize these as being of our human kind, we have rarely understood their role in our lives. The soul and spirit has come to be seen as a part of our personal inventory of possessions; one that requires minimal attention because, through faith alone in Jesus Christ, we can be saved from the misdeeds accumulated in our lifetime, thus assuring us that upon dying we may find a joyful union with God, through the intervention of Jesus Christ our savior.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

As is so often the case with our concepts, this one may seem opposed to reality. The essential self, or soul, is who you are; the body is the means for your spirit's manifestation. This does not minimize the significance of the body and mind, rather it defines the frame of reference for its existence. To live is a task with a specific and inviolable purpose: the conscious evolution that you really are, utilizing the body and mind that you inhabit as the medium for that evolution. Unless you are a soul and spirit called by God to follow in the foot steps of His Son, Jesus Christ, "Many are called but few are chosen," the astrological chart defines what, in reality, is the purpose of your physical existence, therefore, it behooves you to know who you are.

Living in the midst of an increasingly baffling civilization, the idea that your natal chart reveals to you your true physical self may sound farfetched indeed, but it is testable and provable within the restriction of your own existence. To do so, what you must learn to know is what the influential meanings of the planets are in your life through your own personal observations. This is shown by your own individual actions as correlated by the indications detailed in your own birth horoscope. The dictionary defines the word observation as to act to know by personally noticing or perceiving what is occurring by attentively watching for some scientific or other special purpose. Your purpose is to know who you are. For our purpose, your perception must be critical, judgmental, and objective. At present, you observe yourself by understanding the existence of the influences of the planets in a schismatic relationship between your soul and spirit relative to the body and mind they inhabit.

As you are gathering evidence you learn to go on from there. Observing yourself will serve a number of other purposes. But for now, observation is a precise exercise with a very specific purpose and has implications for your personal transformation and self-improvement.

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