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"And God said, "Let us make man in our image"

The chart to the left is that of Einstein. Click it for a plainer view. The First Quarter describes Einstein's Outer Self. It is how he presented himself to the people he met. Notice that his Rising sign is Cancer as well as his second house of talents. Reading the wheels we discover that Einstein was industrious, sensitive and persevering. He was introspective and maintained a sense of values. He was not easily thrown off balance and was protective and emotional. His third house or outer mind, some times called the concrete mind, is ruled by Leo, which made him aggressive, creative and ambitious. He was a hard worker and had a stick-to-itness about his endeavors. His originality is accented because his chart shows that Uranus is located in the third house of mind. Looking at the wheels we find that Uranus indicates he was independent, disruptive and original in his thinking patterns.

The Creative Quarter is accented by the Moon in the 6th house of work. Consulting the wheels we say "Your response, feeling, fluctuation is used reasonably, widely and independently involving work, health as to illnesses, necessities, debts." Because the Moon is in Sagittarius we know that he liked to develop his thoughts, was impulsive yet hospitable. In his work he loved freedom, was proud and of a good nature, as the wheels indicate. The wheels give a stilted interpretation of the influences which should be reinterpreted and put into every day language.

The next quarter of Inner Self we find that the 8th house was accented with Mars, which tell us from the wheels that his energy, activity and aggressiveness was used forcefully, prudently and cautiously pertaining to accomplishments, partners money, legacies,sex drive, death Also, in that quarter we see Jupiter in Aquarius in the 9th. Consulting the wheels we find that his expansion, reasoning, optimism was used originally, detachedly and intellectually pertaining to the profound mind, mental capacity, long travels, philosophy, religion. Jupiter in the 9th was a sure sign that he would travel overseas. The 9th house also means long journeys Born in Germany he spent much of his life in the USA, traveling many times into other countries and overseas.

In a the final Worldly Quarter of worldly knowledge we immediately see the Sun in Pisces in the 10th house. Consulting the wheels we know that his power, vitality and self-expression was used intuitively, sympathetically, reflectively referring to his profession, attainment, worldliness, fame, parent. Next we see Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aries in the 10th house. This conjunction makes one a deep thinker. By the very nature of Mercury and Saturn we can understand why Einstein was very concerned about how the universe was put together and why he was able to devise the relativity ideas, both the special and the general theory that has had far reaching effects upon the scientific world of today. The three planets in the eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes, Pluto, Neptune and Venus, assured him of success in convincing others of his very deep and meaningful ideas. Pluto gave him to organizing ability. Neptune gave him the intuitiveness and impressionability while Venus gave him the harmony, relatedness and intimacy he developed with his friends.

The movement of present day planets are called transits. They set off effects by aspecting to the natal planets and their natal aspects. It is interesting to note that he did his original work while Uranus, the planet of originality was transiting his 6th house of work, and also his 6th house natal Moon. His struggle is realized by the oppositional transit of Neptune and Pluto in the 12th. However, trasiting Saturn conjunct his natal 8th house Mars trine 11th house Pluto gave him regeneration power through a friend. We know that he receive help with the mathematics he needed to express his therory from a very close friend.

The chart to the left is that of Hitler. Click it for a plainer view. The First Quarter describes Hitler's Outer Self. It is how he presents himself to the people he met. Hitler's Rising sign is Libra, which is ruled by Venus. Consulting the wheels we define him as follows "Your harmony, relatedness, intimacy is used adventuresomely, unitedly and harmoniously. You display a balance personality with good reasoning power. You love harmony, companionship and are refine and idealistic concerning your personality, physical self, health, development and disposition." His second house is Scorpio ruled by Pluto giving him organizing, and resourceful talent. The third house cusp, termed the concrete mind, is in Sagittarius, which is rules by Jupiter. This makes Jupiter a powerful planet in his chart, since Jupiter is in the third house. The third house is very well accented by the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn located there. This gives him a mind that is highly forceful and strong willed. These two planets also form a very strong Apex of a Yod. The Yod is called the finger of God giving the person a special purpose in life. The Yod is formed when a planet is inconjunct, 5 signs or around 150 degrees away from an other planet that is sextile or 60 degrees from a third planet, which is also inconjunct the first planet considered. The Moon and Jupiter form the Apex of a powerful Yod in Hitler's chart. The Moon conjunct Jupiter is inconjunct Saturn in the 10th house which is sextile Pluto conjunct Neptune in the 8th house, which planets are inconjunct the Moon and Jupiter in the 3rd house.. Was Hitler's purpose to punish the Jews for failing to fulfil Gods plan? Only God knows, but he sure was a terror as far as the Jews were concern, because his aim was to kill all the Jews in the world, and he would have had not the US stepped in to stop him. Was the holocaust the Armageddon for the Jews, spoken of in revelation?

The Creative Quarter is not accented by any planets, however, the three signs that govern that quarter is Aquarius ruled by Uranus, Pisces ruled by Neptune and Aries ruled by Mars. The 5th house represents the creative energies imparted to the individual and since Neptune rules that house we know his creative energies were intuitive, impressive and deceptive. We also notice that Neptune is in the 8th house of accomplishments conjunct Pluto giving that 5th house of creative energy a sinister aspect.

Looking at the Inner Quarter we see 6 planets, 4 of which are in the 7th house of other people. It doesn't take a genius to realize why Hitler had such power over other people, with that planetary set up. With Pluto conjunct Neptune in the 8th, the power was note only sinister, but also shows why he had a mesmerizing effect on his people.

His Worldly Quarter was dominated by Saturn in the 10th and Uranus in the 12th. making him domineering, aggressive in worldliness on the one hand, but venturesomely disruptive with a secretive agenda on the other, and we all know what that was.

The chart to the left is that of Pope John Paul II. Click chart for plainer view. The First Quarter describes the Pope's Outer Self . It is the way the Pope presents himself to the world around him. His Rising Sign is Virgo which gives him a great capacity for detail. It makes him appear to be a reserve quiet thinker. Although Saturn is in the worldly 12th house it is on the cusp of the 1st house. This gives him a stern forceful appearance. The opposition of Uranus makes him capable of quick changes in some of his basic thoughts giving his idea an original twist. Mars in Libra causes him to use his energies adventuresomely in his feelings of expression. Therefore, he is not a sit at home Pope, he likes to venture out into the world. This is also true because Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the 11th house is in sextile aspect to Mars making him seek friends all over the world.

The next Creative Quarter Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, the pitiable force being the 5th house Capricorn ruled by Saturn gives him a forceful practical outlook, however, this quarter is accented with Uranus in Pisces giving him original spiritual creative energy.

The next quarter Inner Self we see the 9th house packed with the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus. This gives him a very strong love for God and all his works. His inner destiny was to be the Pope. The 7th house Pisces ruled by Neptune gave him the sympathetic, reflective, intuition that enabled him to handle his job with compassion.

The last quarter Worldly Self accented with four planets, but mostly with that of Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the 11th house of hope and wishes as well as Pluto in the 10th trine by the 7th house Uranus and also sextile Saturn on the 1st house cusp assured him rising to a powerful position in the church.

The chart to the left is that of Donald Trump. Click chart for plainer view. The First Quarter describes Trump's Outer Self. Mars in Leo in the 1st house gives him a Rising sign of great aggressive creative energy. He is not only bold in action, but he knows instinctively how to get the job done in a hurry. He only understands the pragmatic. Neptune and Jupiter in the third house of mind makes him think big with intuitive objective original ability. He is capable of communicating to others without any problems at all.

The Creative Quarter is dominated by the Moon in Sagittarius in the 5th house. This gives him a quick independent response relative to investments, which is why he is successful. His flare for pleasure and entertainment sometimes gets him into trouble with friends and lovers because the Sun conjunct Uranus in the 11th house is in opposition to his 5th house Moon, but Jupiter trine the Uranus-Sun conjunction, which is sextile to the Moon, gives him the mental energy to figure a way out of his problems and with a flare of excitement and originality.

Although the third Inner Quarter is void of planets the fact that Aquarius is on his 7th house cusp makes him a friendly humanitarian, His Pisces 8th house gives him intuitive ability and his 9th house Aries ruled by Mars in Leo in the 1st house makes him his own god.

The Worldly Quarter with 6 planets marks him as a prime mover in worldly affairs. It is interesting to see that his 10th house of business is ruled by Taurus a very practical sign ruled by Venus which is conjunct Saturn that has to do with real estate. Since Uranus leads all the planets, that is rises before the others, his actions are quick and original. The trailing 5th house Moon tells us he deals with the public. Also, that he is a born gambler. His 12th house planets, Pluto, Venus conjunct Saturn tells us from time to time he will get into trouble when the transits adversely aspect these planets, particularly his Venus as to business caused by his own self undoing, but like a cat, he survives and falls on his feet.

The chart to the left is that of O.J. Simpson. Click chart for a plainer view. The First Quarter describes O.J.'s Outer Self. Leo in the 1st house indicates his Rising sign gives him great aggressive creative energy. He is not only bold in action, but he knows instinctively how to get the job done in a hurry. Neptune in Libra in the 2nd house gives him an impressive harmonious nature. However, at times, Neptune may make him a shade deceptive. He loves harmony, has a balanced personality, and loves companionship. His third house Jupiter receives a trine aspect from the Sun in the 11th house of friends. This gives him an open personality that generates many friends as he travels through life.

Although his second Creative Quarter is void of planets his 5th house Capricorn ruled by Saturn in the 12th house conjunct Pluto sextile Neptune gives him a strong willed, practical and persevering outlook on life in general with intuitive ability. Because Jupiter conjuncts the 4th house cusp, he desires a large home full of beautiful furnishings. The trine aspect from the Sun in the 11th house of hopes and wishes, assures him that he can obtain them.

The Third Quarter informs us of his Inner Self. Aquarius on the 7th house cusp of the house of other people makes him frank, opinionated, but reasonable with those around him. He can flare up fast with others, since he has Uranus conjuncts the cusp of his 11th house of friends, but as a general rule he is reasonable and good natured. The Moon in Pisces in the 8th house of accomplishments with a trine from the Sun and Mercury tells us that he may attain his desires. This is foretold by the sextile aspect from the North Node conjunct Mars in the 10th house that receives a trine aspect from Neptune in the 2nd house of talents.

The Forth Quarter tells us about his Worldly Self. It is loaded with seven planets. This assured him public recognition. Because he has Mars in the 10th house trine Neptune in the 2nd house this indicated his athletic ability. We know he was recognized as a great football player, a Heisman trophy winner. The Sun in the 11th trine Jupiter in the 3rd also shows his worldly recognition. Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 12th signifies the problem he had with being accused of killing his wife and her friend, but because both planets receive a sextile aspect from Mars in the 10th and Neptune in the 2nd it indicates why and how he was able to be found innocent of murder, on the one hand, but guilty in his suit with Goldman, on the other, giving Goldman little or nothing at all. The grand trine between Sun conjunct Mercury, the Moon, and Jupiter assures him the best life can offer regardless of his problem.

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