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You may or may not be surprised to learn, there are four aspects to your organizational existence; the physical and mental on the one hand; the soul and spirit on the other. Thus, the initial exercise of obseving yourself will proceed along four lines of observation involving your, physical actions, mental thoughts, your soul or emotional feelings, based on past memories, and your spirit or conscious awareness, the I am you know yourself to be.

THE BODY:- Generally speaking we have a number of unconscious actions. In observing our physical self we may notice that we have a number of physical personal meaningless, habitual mannerisms. Before you analyze yourself observe the behavior of an individual with whom you are familiar, but not intimate, concentrating solely on his or her gestures, postures, and unconscious actions, etc.

Then knowing what to look for make the effort to focus your attention on your own physical likeness and idiosyncrasies. Try to be as consistently objective with yourself as you were with the other person or persons, don't let vanity cloud your consciousness. Be objective in this crucial exercise as you can, so persevere in your pursuit and you will learn a lot about the physical you that you never noticed before. Your physical makeup is determined by a specific section of your natal horoscope which we will speak about later. For the time being observing your actions in your environment and notice how you deal with people and situations in the life around you.

THE MIND:- Mentally speaking, do you think in words or do your thoughts just come as mental picture capable of counselled reflection and spontaneous understandings. Generally speaking our thoughts encompass a kind of brain chatter. As a first step in self-observation, listen to your thought-words objectively as though you had never heard them before. Are there voices with varying rhythm, pitch, volume, or intensity? Is there agreement and consensus, or do you hear arguments, debates, dissonance? What voice prevails? Most significantly, do the voices only speak to each other, or does there seem to be a constant listener to whom the words are frequently addressed?

Who are these speakers, seeking or perhaps battling for attention? And who is the listener whose attention they are seeking? Think about this for a moment and then observe them again. Have you ever noticed this underlying dynamic of your thought process before? If you have, have you ever read any satisfactory explanation for their existence? Here is a phenomenon occurring within the boundary of your own skull almost every waking minute of your life which determines what you will do and say at any given moment, however, you may know almost nothing about it. In fact, you may not even be aware to any major extent of this activity despite its obvious importance. There is a section of your horoscope and planet that tells you something about yourself, but for now simply observe yourself.

Do you make up your mind to perform a certain action or do you vacillate perhaps even become confused before you act. Do you exercise the power of decision? Observe yourself in these matters and get a grasp on your actions. Now, listen again and observe it again, and again, until it is incorporate into your awareness; registered as evidence of your enlightenment of yourself. There is a specific planet along with its aspects and placements from other planets that has to do with these mental affairs, these we will learn about in the future, but for now observe yourself. You will be surprised at what you will learn about yourself.that you never realized before.

THE SOUL:- To observe the emotional aspect of your organism, your soul, observe how you vent daily anger and frustration. Because emotions are so volatile, you will have difficulty observing them as they occur, but you must try to do this to the best of your ability. The second best choice is to note them after they arise, but for purposes of clarity, make a supreme effort to be aware of them at the moment they present themselves. What kind of a soul do you have? Obseverve it and get to know your inner self..

When you are acutely frustrated or angry, observe what you do. Do you kick the dog or punch the door? Are you rude or abusive to waitresses and clerks? Do you pout or sulk? Do you allow the anger to distract you from the task at hand? Do words come out of your mouth that you instantly regret? Perhaps admonishing a loved one. Do you inflict petty viciousness on those who care for you? Does anger dictate your behavior, and after you've acted on your frustration, how do you feel about yourself? Are you sorry? File your observations. Do you realize that your actions and decisions are made while standing in the shadow of your past experience? Observe yourself and try to fathom what experience produces them. Perhaps there are actions that happened years ago that really need your attention today in order to dissipate that pent up energy and rid yourself of its effect on you today. Think about it for a moment. Observe yourself. The planetary transits have plenty to do with forming this part of your being along with its aspects in your chart.

THE SPIRIT:- In reviewing your observations, what do you see? Of the catalog of manifest phenomena arising from your components, how many have been known to you previously? Can you explain their genesis or how they came to be integrated into the fabric of your earthly existence? You move, think, feel and are aware of yourself everyday, yet how many of the countless manifestations of your being have you consciously chosen? If you have had even minimal success in the task of self-observation, are you the least bit curious about who it was that was doing the observing in the first place? Is there a chance that this observer is the same being to whom the conflicting voices of your intellect address themselves in their endless chatter?

If you are capable of going beyond your illusions, even for a moment, you must honestly concede that the answers to all of these questions are unknown to you and have gone without examination or explanation for most of your life. At the very least, you must admit that a great deal of what habitually occurs in your life seems beyond your comprehension or control. Your actions seems to function mysterious. You talk to yourself, you gesture, laugh, and cry with minimal conscious input. Someone who barely knows you may have a greater awareness of how your members look, sound, and behave, more than you do yourself, because your physical, mental and emotional patterns of behavior were neither consciously chosen, nor crafted by you. Nevertheless, you may sense a self, even though it may be lost in the midst of your mortal existence, wanting to be known and heard. You may learn that self by consulting your horoscope, when you learn how to read it.

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