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Although we are spiritually ONE in the HOLY SPIRIT; we all have a soul with different individual bodies and minds. And it would certainly be a thoughtless God if He created our "bodies and minds," which are all different, and did not give us a clue as to who we are. But He did give us evidence of our individuality. Witness on the forth day Gen 1: 14, "And god said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for SIGNS, and for seasons, and for days, and years." So he did give us a clue as to who we are and the wise men of Babylon and Egypt develop the knowledge we call astrology.

We learn of astrology in a Psalm of David: Psalm 19: 1,2, 3, 4, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun." We therefore know that our God did not leave us defenseless against the stress and burdens of this world. We call that knowledge Astral Knowledge or Astrology. It is a knowledge of our talents, creative ability, inner strength and worldly know how.

Before we go into the details of the "Horoscope" that is a picture of the heavens at the moment of our birth, which gives us detail knowledge of who we are as individuals, let us take the overall view of the heavens that gives us this knowledge. We call it the Zodiac.


The zodiac stems from the Roman word "zodiacus" which derives from the Greek word "zodiakos" and literally means "circle of animals." The origin of the zodiac is veiled in mystery. It can be traced to Babylon in the 1st millennium B.C.. But the zodiac used then was very different It had more signs. A zodiac with 12 signs appeared in Babylon, Egypt and ancient Greece between the 5th and 3rd century B.C. There is some confusion about the zodiac because there are two of them, the constellation zodiac and the tropical zodiac. The zodiac that astrologers use in the West is the tropical zodiac. It is based on the seasons and not the patterns of stars, which were once in line with the seasons. Now the constellation zodiac is used by astronomers mainly as a reference guide for locating celestial objects. At one time all were astrologers. Only astrologers in India use it for astrological purposes, but with a complete misunderstanding of its Western basis and meaning. The tropical zodiac we use is the same Greek model, based on the seasons.


It is easy to prove that the zodiac is based on the seasons and not the star patterns. First of all, the zodiac begins on the 1st day of Spring, March 21st. It is symbolically appropriate, because that's when the cycle of growth in nature begins. Furthermore, the Cardinal signs, the four active signs also mark the frame of reference for the zodiac, which explains why it was always oriented to the Equinox and Solstice points, dividing the four seasons: For instance:-

Aries:-1st day of Spring...Cancer:-1st day of Summer...Libra:-1st day of Autumn Capricorn:-1st day of Winter

The 12 zodiac signs are based on events associated with the seasons. The symbolic animals and figures are based on characteristics associated with the seasons, agriculture, events in nature and other environmental effects. increasing or decreasing light, temperature, precipitation, which have distinct effects on human and animal behavior. The sign of Virgo is represented symbolically with a virgin holding a sheaf of wheat. But there is no such image or even a hint of such a figure in the group of stars that form this constellation. One only needs to compare the traditional meanings of each sign and the events in nature and society that occurred during the month-period assigned to each sign. The confusion started when the seasonal tropical zodiac was transferred to the star constellations, as a reference chart, which led to the eventual belief that the zodiac signs originated in the sky and that each constellation emanated with traits associated with the figure that the constellation represented. The constellations were only a "recorded image" of the tropical zodiac as it appeared "projected" on the heavens 2000 or so years ago. It was simply a "reference map" of the tropical zodiac!

To make matters even more confusing, the recorded image of the tropical zodiac on the star backdrop is constantly shifting backward in relation to the earths's perspective on the 1st day of Spring. The shifting of the constellations is caused by the precession, or wobble of the earth's polar axis. The result is that the constellation of Aries is shifted by almost one full sign, so that it is now positioned behind the Sun during the time of year when the sign of Pisces is in effect. But Aries people still exhibit all the traits of Aries, and Sun-Pisces people still reflect all the Pisces traits. So, obviously, the shifting of the constellation zodiac is meaningless and should be disregarded.

Astronomers still use the precession to discredit astrological zodiac signs, but they have failed to understand that the zodiac signs were based on the events associated with the seasonal effects on humans, animals and nature. The star signs or constellations are only a carbon copy of the real zodiac, the season-based tropical zodiac. This was the accidental result of trying to record the earth-bound zodiac signs in terms of the month period of the year by portraying the related agricultural activity under a starry sky showing the Sun positioned against the constellation background.


The animals and figures assigned to the 12 zodiac signs are clearly based on seasonal implications rather than any patterns in the constellations. The traditional meanings of each sign were based on the events in nature and society that occurred during the period assigned to each sign. These events in nature became first impressions for all born at such times. Such impressions become etched permanently not only in the individual psyche, but the collective as well.

1. ARIES, The Ram: MAR. 21 - APR. 20

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Spring Equinox, daylight is longer than darkness, more heat, buds and seeds sprout suddenly, life begins, old cycle of growth ends, new one begins, animals come out of hibernation, birds return, barn doors open and farmers prepare farm work, yards are cleaned.

TRAITS:- Impulsive, active, rash, bold, impatient, restless, ambitious, explorative, desire to start new things, pioneer, love of adventure, daring, challenging, tough, outgoing, headstrong, optimistic, cheerful.

2. TAURUS, The Bull: APR. 21 - MAY 22

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- The ground heats up, soil softens, roots develop, action in the soil, farmers plow the field, plant crops, gardens soil beds are prepared, farmers examine the roots of seedlings, study stem forms, home foundations are constructed, nature becomes green in color, many flowers appear, sense of beauty in nature.

TRAITS:- Practical, down-to-earth, solid firm, stable, fixed in position possessive, sound values, admires strength, steady reliable, likes objects of dependability such as gold, silver, gems, precious metals, money, bonds, security-conscious, supportive, needs structure, traditional, loves voluptuous forms, appreciates nature, beauty, art, all things of lasting value.

3. GEMINI, The Twins: MAY. 22 - JUN. 23

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Action in the air, small branches and leaves expand in vast quantity young crops demand attention, more busy schedules, more bodily movement, short distance trips, many relationships renewed or formed, marriages, more travelling, excitement, outdoor activity, insects and birds fill the air, a sense of busy activity.

TRAITS:- Communicative, talkative, likes to read, learn, write, travel, is restless, scattered, expressive, active, witty, wants constant change, is adaptable, changeable, flexible, fickle, has many ideas and starts many things, likes to plan, is friendly, flirts, and appears knowledgeable, has answer for everything.

4. CANCER, The Crab JUN. 24 - JUL. 23

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Summer solstice, Sun is at highest declination in sky, sunlight and heat is greatest, animals seek shelter, humans get cranky, irritable, stressed from high temperatures and crops and humans require much "water," even humans seek shelter from the intense heat and thus spend more time indoors, children are at home and parents play with children, and scold them.

TRAITS:- Sheltering, protective, nurturing, moody, sentimental, high-strung, snappy, sensitive, cranky, temperamental, compassionate, generous, warm, family-oriented, property-minded, closed-in, sheltered, tough shell with soft interior, patronizing, condescending, acts older than one's age.

5. LEO, The Lion JUL. 23 - AUG. 22

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Much sunshine, blue skies and warm breezes, farmers feel confidence as crops reach maturity, they tend to speculate on how much the crop will bring at the market, ideal time for vacation, fun and play, entertainment, plants in fertility, time for romance, preparation of creative methods for harvesting crops.

TRAITS:- Regal sense of "I'm born at the best time of the year", sense of self-importance, pride, superiority, dictates to others, arrogant, self-centered, likes to be center of attention, fun-loving, playful, pouts, throws fits, spoiled, dramatic, theatrical, vane, outgoing, energetic, creative, superficial.

6. VIRGO, The Virgin AUG. 23 - SEP 22

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Daylight decreases and temperature gets cooler, crops are harvested, all able hands are in the fields, picking the ripe crops, more work, critical eyesight and judgment for selecting ripest fruits, collecting, sorting, packing, more consumption and health problems.

TRAITS:- Critical, analytical, finicky, likes to collect, hard-working, good at details, prefers intricate ornamental art, earthy, practical, enjoys helping others, devoted, meticulous, careful, sharp-eyed, good at sorting and arranging, loves to eat, workaholic, concerned about others more than one-self, humble, ethical, self-denying in materialistic sense.

7. LIBRA, The Scales SEP. 23 - OCT 22

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Autumn Equinox, darkness increases first frost hits, packaged crops are weighed on the scales at the market, goods are evaluated, sense of worth and value established, prices are determined, business partnerships forged and retail sales are made, people exercise art of bargaining and diplomacy, socializing accompanies business deals, romance mixes with business.

TRAITS:- Social, graceful, diplomatic, refined, easy-going, friendly, evaluating, objective, hesitant, indecisive, loves to make deals, appreciates balance, loves justice, respects fair play, cool attitude, enjoys the good life, flirts, collects art and valuables.

8. SCORPIO, The Scorpion OCT. 22 - NOV 22

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Death in nature, weather is cold, wet and overcast, gloomy feeling, preparations are made for winter, work is done in a hurry, emotions run high, resources are shared, people help others to finish outdoor jobs, social events increase indoors, sudden late marriages take place, plants drop seeds.

TRAITS:- Emotionally intense, secretive, powerful, magnetic, desperate, mysterious, vindictive, resentful, overwhelming, controlling, extremely social or withdrawn, hyper or unusually calm, advantageous, lucrative mind, exploiting, excitable, resourceful, materialistic, envious, jealous, imaginative, eccentric.

9. SAGITTARIUS, The Archer NOV. 23 - DEC 22

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Darkness increases, all attention is focused on the festivities for the end of the year, atmosphere is jovial, parties and family re-unions are planned, gifts are bought and everything is done in a frenzy, religious ornaments are gathered, people travel long distance, foreign culture contacts, knowledge is gained.

TRAITS:- Cheerful attitude, optimistic, jovial, social, elitist, noble, aristocratic, sophisticated, knowledgeable, smug, daring, explorative, adventurous, almost reckless, spiritually enlightened, righteous, moralistic, condescending, patronizing, ceremonial, superior.

10. CAPRICORN, The Goat DEC. 23 - JAN 21

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Winter Solstice, greatest darkness time to conserve energy and food, need for good management of resources so that food would last for animals and humans (when food was not imported and hothouses did not exist), need for rules and control, role for authority figure, emphasis on responsibility and social duties.

TRAITS:- Authoritative, ambitious, duty, conscious, responsible, social, conservative, serious, conformist, administrative, controlling, disciplined, organized, systematic, methodical, careful, persevering, traditional, reserved, austere, persistent, stubborn, hard, devoted, reliable, social climber.

11. AQUARIUS, The Water bearer JAN. 21 - FEB 20

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Light and temperature increases, a sense of optimism in the air, a natural tendency to look forward to the new year and new ideas, farmers think of how to improve the next crop yield, various plans and projects, some of the harshest weather at this time forces people to react with shock and innovative survival.

TRAITS:- Social, friendly, intellectual, optimistic, liberal, reformist, political, freedom-loving, independent, different, unconventional, eccentric, cheerful, humorous, at other times pessimistic, conservative, erratic, tough, hard, extreme, cruel, bold, innovative, aloof, emotional, cool, hot-tempered.

12. PISCES, The Fishes FEB. 21 - MAR 20

SEASON ATTRIBUTE:- Winter ends, warmer weather, life returns, some birds re-appear, the melting snow in northern latitudes instills a very deep emotional feeling of re-birth, the sound of nature is heard again, streams and rivers swell and overflow, food supplies run low, fasting is required, physical energy is low.

TRAITS:- Sensitive, emotional, pliable, humble, kind, receptive, vague, sympathetic, compassionate, adaptable, receptive, intuitive, impressionable, superstitious, lack of willpower, indecisive, easily confused, careless, faithful, sacrificial, frail.

For all of you just starting to learn the art of astrology my copyrighted three wheels will help you by explaining the meaning of the planets, signs and houses and their relationships to each other. The largest wheel contains a three-word explanation of the Sun, Moon and planets. The next smaller wheel is placed on top of the large wheel and contains a three-word meaning of the zodiac signs. This wheel also gives you the meaning of your rising sign. The smallest wheel specifies the meaning of each of the 12 houses. By aligning all three wheels - the planet, sign and house - according to where they are as indicated by your horoscope, my wheels give the horoscope interpretation immediately. It tells you of the psyche you were endowed with at birth and much much more!

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