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M O O N - I N - A R I E S - Personality

Your senses are sharp which tend to make you high-strung. You are a quick thinker and are very independent. You must watch those spur of the moment actions that you may regret. You should learn to take advice from your elders even though you consider your self as being self-reliant until you have learned how to handle this influence. Watch doing things on impulse and making up your mind on people at first meeting with out a cause for doing so. You need to control your energies and not waste your time on spurious actions that lead no where. Once you learn how to control this energetic position of the Moon it will help you to be assertive and enterprising to the benefit of you and those around you. Watch being too impulsive.

M O O N - I N - T A U R U S - Personality

You have a very conservative out-look on life with a deep power for concentration. Your senses tend to be slow but once you have made up your mind you will more then likely stick to your own decisions whether you are right or wrong. You are not easily upset for your mind quickly assimilates new ideas deliberately and your decisions are then carefully considered. You must guard against holding on to preconceived ideas and reacting too slowly. Although you seek solid security in fundamental principles and only accept those ideas that conform to them you should look for practical application to those problems that will make a difference to you and yours in particular.

M O O N - I N - G E M I N I - Personality

You are very intellectually stimulating and very witty. You like to think logically and are capable of abstract thinking. You have very swift sense impressions and your impressions are usually accurate but you must guard against changing your mind for you tend to be fickle. You learn rapidly and are a good teacher of your knowledge but you must concentrate on relating to your own experiences for your own better fulfillment. Because you are high-strung you may seem nervous to other people who don't really know you. A change of scenery is good for your nerves. Routine work is repulsive to your active mind. Variety is the spice of your life and have it you will, one way or an other. You have a great need to be around people.

M O O N - I N - C A N C E R

You have a receptive, sensitive mind with an excellent memory. You need a quit atmosphere to operate for disturbances interfere with your delicately balanced nature. You tend to be domesticated and attached to your home life and like to take things easy. You must learn early in life to exert your energies or else your placid and serene personality will let you sit back and let things fall where they may. You have a potential for psychic ability you may develop. You have a gentle, romantic and very affectionate nature. Once you make a friend or an attachment with a person you do not easily give up the relationship, you will hold on where others would let go and forget the relationship, therefore, you make long term connections.

M O O N - I N - L E O

You have a real confident, positive and generous personality. You have good physical strength and vitality being firm and resolute. You have a keen sense of observation but often lead with your heart not with your head, you must learn to control this tendency. You deffinately have very quick learning capacity and have an optimistic and self-reliant approach toward life. You must curb the tendency of being egotistical with others and learn to consider other peoples feelings and reactions for what they are. You respond aggressively and creatively to situations. You have a stick-to-itiveness which gets the job done fast. You only understand pragmatic conditions.

M O O N - I N - V I R G O

You have an intelligent, practical and analytical mind. You are also meticulous, discriminating and critical, however, you face life as it is and go on from there. You have a natural green thumb and know the things that are good for your health by instinct. You are so sensible about handling money people take you for a tight-wad. You tend to be methodical and very well organized. You like everything to run like clockwork or you become annoyed. You are a stickler for the details which sometimes bather other less discriminating people. You make a good public speaker and know how to write the facts of a situation. You see things often with to critical a point of view.

M O O N - I N - L I B R A - Personality

You display a balanced personality. Your criticism and judgments are fair minded, and considerate. Sometimes it is difficult for you to make up your mind because of your decision making processes. You have exquisite taste and a natural grasp of fundamental color and design. Sometimes this makes you critical and discriminating in the field of art and music. You have naturally beautiful manners and an instinct for doing things right. You tend to respond harmoniously to all kind of conditions. You tend to be reasonable, idealistic and refined regardless of your upbringing. You like to think constructively in everything you do. You love beautiful things and appreciation them.

M O O N - I N - S C O R P I O

You are passionate, emotional and strong-willed. You must learn to curb lax and sensual pleasure which waste your energies. Your sense impressions are acute and accurate. You may have a tendency to over indulge in alcohol or drugs, therefore, you should be on your guard against this. Your determination and will power are tremendous but you must learn to use these assets constructively. For your own well being, you must curb being to unscrupulous and jealous which is a natural trait. You have a tendency to be determined, to always have your own way, it would be helpful to you to try and see the other person's position and look at the situation from his point of view.

M O 0 N - I N - S A G I T A R I U S

You have a keen perception and good sound judgement. Your intuition is very good to the point that you may be prophetic. You are a very independent thinker, even so however, you do respond to the feelings of others. You are sociable, humanistic and inspirational. You do love your freedom, therefore, you resist being dominated by anyone, even your mate. You seem to sense what is about to happen and love to develop your thoughts and ideas about general conditions in life. Because of your love of freedom you may appear to be impulsive to other people. You are a person who can be reasoned with and make a good arbitrator in disputes with other people because you are fair.

M O O N - I N - C A P R I C O R N

Your sense impressions are alert and very quick, however, you must guard against being hostile which hostility will dull your senses. You are self-sufficient but sometimes this makes you appear to be cold and detached. You should guard against fixing all your hopes and fears on one idea which may lead to an obsession. This is not to say you should not set one aim in life but remember be flexible. You readily assume responsibility and sometimes go out of your way to assume burdens. Remember to save some time for play. You are very hard-working and reliable with a tremendous drive to accomplish the task at hand. You must curb the tendency of being egotistical.

M O O N - I N - A Q U A R I U S

Your sense impressions are keenly accurate but neither slow nor fast rather more deliberate. You are rational though humanistic because you care about people. Sometimes you appear to be visionary, but you are not an extremist but more the inventor or idea man. You are a congenial conversationalist with witty, sensible and intelligent thoughts. You talk sound sense and are very friendly. You maintain wide, varied of interests and need people. You are a stimulating personality with a lot to offer and a genuine sense of realism. You have good powers of observation and have the power to theorize with a practical approach toward life. You are balanced and sensible.

M O O N - I N - P I S C E S

You are sensitive, intuitive and have a considerate way of being. Your sense impressions are somewhat illusionary, therefore, you must guard against hazy perceptions. Keep both feet on the ground and this influence will be an asset for you have psychic ability. You appear idealistic, dreamy and mystical to others at times. Learn to be practical and look at things in a realistic way. Being romantic your optimism may get you in trouble. You must come to grips with reality in order to progress and get ahead. You should develop more of an analytical and critical outlook on life which will then aide your natural E.S.P. You are impressionable with sensitive emotions.



This position gives you a restless nature. You are impressionable, sometimes nervous and flighty but always supersensitive to public reactions. Good for occupations dealing with the public but may provoke you to change your residence and job often. Gives a vivid imagination and are quite intuitive. Seem to have a wanderlust.


This position gives profitable activities from dealing with the public and women's affairs. Signifies fluctuating finances, must concentrate on saving which seems to be hard to do. You must guard against material prosperity slipping away from you. Your emotional stability in general is dependent on your material well-being.


Gives an impressionable mind. You are sensitive, intuitive and talented for voicing what the public wants to hear. This is a good position for dealing with the general public, like gathering news and reporting it. Gives strong liking for mental occupation. Gives a fertile imagination. Good for short story writing.


Many changes around the house is indicated by this position. Makes you sensitive about background, heritage, and effective methods in starting programs. Often provokes many changes in residence. Gives a tendency toward psychic experiences. Family relationships tend to affect your whole emotional outlook on life.


You have a profound sense of creativity but are uncertain as to how you may use it. Not a good place for gambling or speculation. This position is favorable for entertaining and educational training of children. Romantic sentiments may cause tension. You may also tend to be changeable of enterprise and even affections.


Your sentiments lean toward helping others. This position may causes you to change your place of employment often. If you are an employer you may find it difficult to keep employees. You must exercise and watch your diet to prevent a fluctuation in your health. It favors employment in restaurants and market places.


You are bound to be involved and in active cooperation with the public in some way. You have a knack for tuning into other peoples thoughts and it makes you supersensitive in your reactions to others. Sometimes this indicates a fickle, changeable marriage partner. Partnerships may be burdensome and cause upheavals.


This position makes you moody and introspective and vaguely detached although a times you may be calm, cool and collected. May cause you to have sensuous preoccupations when things go wrong. Financial affairs are affected for better or worse by partnerships. May have deep desire to contact family members who have passed on.


This position makes you moody and introspective and vaguely detached although a times you may be calm, cool and collected. May cause you to have sensuous preoccupations when things go wrong. Financial affairs are affected for better or worse by partnerships. May have deep desire to contact family members who have passed on.


This position tends to cause changes in ideas, principles and affiliations. May provoke you to travel far and wide for pleasure and profit. May cause unusual dreams or inspired intuitive ideas. Guard against being too impulsive and jumping to unwarranted conclusions concerning religion, social, and ethical values.


Favors success with the public at large and their is a need to achieve prominence and recognition. Indicates changes in business, occupation and employment. Must guard against the rise and fall in life due to reversals. May have air flights in connection with business. Strong attraction to mother or women may have influence.


This position makes you eager to join others with like sentiments to put across ideas particularly in politics. Attracts to you many acquaintances, but not necessarily of lasting or meaningful nature. Indicates sudden changes separations, and delays among friends. Success in dealing with ladies, children and young people.


Indicates some concern over values, purpose and answers that can solve or assist those in trouble. You have deep emotions and subconsciously sense the purpose behind things. Success in work done in seclusion, hospitals or prisons. Guard against being shy and being easily hurt by extreme, sensitive, emotional feelings. You are quite intuitive. Seem to have a wanderlust.

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