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M E R C U R Y - I N - A R I E S

This position of Mercury gives you mental strength and brilliance. You love new ideas and intellectual adventure. You must learn to concentrate on the problems at hand, stick to developing practical ideas. This gives a clever and witty mind and you are quick on the response. You have powers of persuasion but must curb the tendency of being impatient of opposition. You are willful and headstrong, therefore, you should be careful of wanting your own way regardless of what other people think. You are a good communicator and have a positive outlook on life in general. You have a good sense of timing when beginning projects but you must guard against being impulsive.

M E R C U R Y - I N - T A U R U S

You have a practical mind, believing your experience is the best teacher rather then book learning. This position of Mercury aids you in handling money, both your own and that of other people. This position also helps you in developing a good singing voice and it is a good position for quire masters. It is an asset to those who seek public speaking position for it gives the voice resonance. You have a very stable down to earth way of looking at things. This position enables you to handle finances in a very practical way. You have a practical manner in expressing your ideas and as a rule are never lost for words to express your ideas. You like financial security.

M E R C U R Y - I N - G E M I N I

You have strong intellectual powers enabling you to be excellent with math and language. Your approach to life is logical. You are very rational and are a quick thinker. This position enables you to be a good writer and teacher for you know how to express your self in easy to understand words of communication. You must learn to concentrate and stick to a few ideas because your active mind may flit from one thing to an other that people can't keep up with you. Curb the tendency to overwork and above all learn not to worry but rather think out the answers to your problems. You are clever with your hands having manual dexterity. You have a very curious nature.

M E R C U R Y - I N - C A N C E R

You are sensitive to the things people say and are somewhat passive mentally. It gives you good intuition you seem to know naturally what is going on around you. You respond to the emotional rather than the logical aspects of life. You seek answers to the present circumstances by drawing on your past experiences. You make a good researcher because you like antiquity which intrigues you. You are a congenial, sympathetic person. You are very sensitive to your surroundings. You are industrious and maintain a sense of values. You are introspective and persevering in undertakings that interest you. You don't give up easily, rather, drive ahead with your plans.

M E R C U R Y - I N - L E O

This position gives you the human touch. You have a sound impressive intellect which holds you in good stead. You maintain a sympathetic nature and are emotionally satisfying to most people. You have a good strong mind and like to lead rather then follow. You must curb the tendency of being boastful, for you can be a regular show-off when you want to be which sometimes disturbs others. You like to think and act big. You display a natural showmanship ability. You have a natural self-confident way of expressing yourself to others and are very opinionated to a point of being boastful at times. You like to take charge of the situations. You are a good communicator.

M E R C U R Y - I N - V I R G O

Your general approach to life is that of pure reason and you often forget about the human frailties. You must take other peoples short comings into account and not be as critical of what you perceive as there stupidity. You are good at solving abstract mathematical ideas which should come easy for you. You understand human feelings but mentally rather than emotionally, which gives you a practical yet impersonal view. You are a careful thinker, analyzing all aspects of a situation before coming to any conclusions. You are not afraid of detailed work, therefore, you make a very good secretary if you should so desire that type of position. Research is an other field that you would excel in if you so choose because you are a thinker.

M E R C U R Y - I N - L I B R A

You are intellectually ambitious rather than given to hard work which you will connive to get out of at the first chance. You like to weigh each consideration rather than making up your mind in a hurry. For this reason sometimes it is hard for you to make up your mind to choose a suitable course of action or you will find yourself at times changing your mind. You must learn to concentrate arriving at accurate conclusions methodically than sticking to them. You are often given to flashes of intuition which more often than not prove to be true. You love to surround yourself with beautiful things and harmonious relationships with people. You a seek peaceful way to go.

M E R C U R Y - I N - S C O R P I O

This position gives you remarkable clear foresight and vision. You are not easily deceived by other people because you sense their motives. You are magnetic so you draw other people to you, however, you must curb the tendency to be critical and petty in close contact with others. You can be unscrupulous in dealing with your opponents and must guard against being vicious and vengeful which may backfire and cause you pain. You think quickly and are never at a lost for words. People like to be in your company because you can always think of something interesting to talk about even if it's yourself but often will be about something you had experienced with others.

M E R C U R Y - I N - S A G I T A R I U S

This position gives you the ability to concentrate deeply and for long periods of time, however, you need to develop your memory since thoughts do not stick with you without some system of remembrance. You have very good intuition and naturally sense what is going on around you. You are forthright, direct and honest in dealing with other people, you also are considerate of other peoples feelings. You have an independent soul and are quick to declare what you will or will not do in a relationship with others. The hallmark of this position is that you are reasonable. Regardless of the situation at hand people will readily know that you can be reasoned with fairly.

M E R C U R Y - I N - C A P R I C O R N

You are a very steady serious minded person in dealing with other people around you. You are capable of deep meditation on any subject you desire to learn something about. Although you can pay attention to details you never lose sight of the whole aspect of the problem at hand. You exhibit a wise responsible continence which make others look up to you and notice to what you have to say about a subjects. This position gives you a good memory. You tend to be suspicious of other peoples motives with out a cause. You need to develop optimism and cheerfulness in order to attract the right kind of people to you who will help you accomplish your aims in life. You are thrifty.

M E R C U R Y - I N - A Q U A R I U S

This position of Mercury makes you a good judge of human nature. You really like to analyze people to such a point you must guard against eavesdropping. You have a good ability to concentrate being very logical in your analysis of conditions. You have a passion to seek out the truth of conditions around you. You are resourceful and ingenious in handling problems with people and they respect your opinion. Your mind has an original twist with good psychological insight. Your powers of observation are excellent. You are frank in your opinions and display a genuine friendly and cheerful nature. Your approach to a problem is intellectual, opinionated but stable.

M E R C U R Y - I N - P I S C E S

This position of Mercury gives you a good memory with the ability to concentrate on the problem at hand. You are essentially objective but you also seem to know things which you may or may not know why since you have psychic ability. You have kind of intuitive abstract reasoning which may puzzle the average person but you seem to tender them with common sense. This is the sign of the psychic and your subconscious mind is always in touch with hidden forces at work in the world. You may, therefore, draw on knowledge that you are not even conscious of having. You reflect a sympathetic impression when dealing with people and they appreciate your efforts and kindness.


V E N U S - I N - A R I E S

This position of Venus in your chart makes you to want to achieve some dedicated accomplishment you more than likely will do. You have strong emotional drive to accomplish something worthwhile in life. It gives you an impulsive nature which makes you passionate and aggressive one minute and cold and disinterested the next so you must learn to control this influence. You seem to want to search for the ideal love you can never seem to find and this may make you appear fickle. Learn to flow with the tide. This location of Venus inclines you to popularity giving you many friends with whom you feel charitable and sympathetic toward. Control your emotions.

V E N U S - I N - T A U R U S

You are natural and direct in your love relationships. You have pure instincts which makes your love for life very conventional. You are demonstratively affectionate and you seek and need romance. You have a sympathetic nature with an appreciation for art and a wonderful understanding of nature. Often you people develop physically late in life, however you are nevertheless attracted to the opposite sex. You maintain deep feelings and lasting emotions for you are fixed and stable in your emotions. You are realistic and practical in dealing with other people with whom you become intimately involved. You want financial security at all cost you're determined to get it.

V E N U S - I N - G E M I N I

Your devotions and love are on a mental plane. Your emotions are easily aroused but your attention span is short therefore you need a strong person when it comes to love. You love knowledge and this position of Venus gives you a good scientific mind when properly educated. You need to be free from distraction and a quite place to study in order to develop your mind. You rarely like to be fondled but rather seek mental attractions than physical or domestic ones. You tend to be on the fickle side so you may not always go home with the one that brought you to the party. You display mental emotions which gives you the makings of an inventive mind and good intuition.

V E N U S - I N - C A N C E R

You are passionate and emotional in love affairs, however, you wait for love to come you way rather than to go out looking for it. You like to demonstrate your affections and your feelings run deep but quiet. You are a sentimentalist having strong family ties and get over disappointments quickly. You are a lover not a fighter and you like home life. You are more apt to be the mama's girl or boy in the family for you do have strong domestic attractions. You are introspective, harmonious and not easily thrown off balance. You must learn to assert yourself and not just set back a let things happen on there own or to the advantage of someone else's benefit.

V E N U S - I N - L E O

Venus in Leo gives you real popularity. You attract warm feelings from other people because of your kindness and heartfelt geniality. You have a magnetic will power and are a decent humanitarian. Your nature is sympathetic, charitable, kindhearted, free and generous. Loyalty and warm affections is your distinct mark and you like to demonstrate your love. Although you are capable of self-sacrifice your strong will makes you want to dominate people rather then give in to them. You work hard at trying to make things run smooth and harmoniously and are not afraid to exert yourself to see that things do run according to the plans you set forth. You are pragmatical.

V E N U S - I N - V I R G O

This position of Venus makes you seem aloof and solitary because you keep your emotions to your self since you generally don't care to display your affections. Your love is derived from intellectual channels in intimate relationships. To others you seem somewhat materialistic and cold in love affairs because you don't like to show your emotions. You seldom get very close to any one person other then your mate therefore you divide your affections among many people. You can be a true virgin spreading your blessing to humanity when you fail to find a true love, you can do this conscientiously. You must watch being to critical of other people not quit as mental.

V E N U S - I N - L I B R A

To you with Venus in Libra love is a sacrament. You love with your mind and spirit with very sincere feelings and motives. You love harmonious surroundings and beautiful things, discord makes you ill and you should avoid upsets which are particularly bad for your health. You can be charming and sympathetic or cold and aloof if you think someone is taking unfair advantage of you. Attractive manners are important to you and you hate the uncouth with a passion. You have deep affection for cousins, relatives and close friends. You have good reasoning power and make a good arbitrator in dealing with difficult problems arising between people because you are very fair.

V E N U S - I N - S C O R P I O

Venus in this position denotes a person who loves intensely and in a physical sense, often in extremes which could lead to a very stormy love life if you lack self-control. You demand complete surrender of the object of your affections. You are straight forward and so determined you may even frighten your lover. You are passionate, possessive and jealous toward friends and particularly your mate. Sometimes suppressing your instincts may lead to frustration. You must learn self-control to stay out of trouble with other people. Your sex appeal is magnetic once you learn to control your passion and aggressiveness because you really like harmonious relationships.

V E N U S - I N - S A G I T T A R I U S

This position of Venus makes one high-spirited. You are independent in love but you have the power to sustain your emotions. You seek an idealistic love affair which doesn't exist since most of us have defects, the slightest indelicacy turns you off. However, this is not true in friendship where you display loyalty and affection. This position of Venus often produces bachelors because you are extremely independent, you feel sufficient unto yourself. You like to develop your thoughts and may be given to reading and even writing poetry. You have no problem relating to people because you are conversant and hospitable, however, you may display impulsiveness at times.

V E N U S - I N - C A P R I C O R N

This location of Venus tends to uplift the native and place them in a position of trust, responsibility and being given the favor of the superiors and elders. Love may come later than usual but when you do fall in love you really tumble with a strong attraction for the other person. If your love is spurned you become antagonistic and cold. Sometimes your sex drive is turned toward an interest or profession, however, you are earthy and may even be lustful when it comes to pleasures. You may tend to be selfish and expect more from others than you are willing to give yourself. Learn to consider other's feelings, this position is conducive to social popularity.

V E N U S - I N - A Q U A R I U S

You love humanity, therefore you attract many friends of both sexes. You have a fine understanding of human nature. This position of Venus enables you good personal expression. Sometimes it gives you such a love for mankind you feel obligated to perform a mission in life. You have a keen sense of sound and rhythm which may attract you toward composing music for your own pleasure as well as others. It is a very good position for parents and teachers for you like to help children develop their talents. You are a genuinely friendly person who can be very intimate with people in a short time for you can relate to all kind of people and to their problems very easily.

V E N U S - I N - P I S C E S

The by-word of this position of Venus is self-sacrifice. It gives you a strong enduring capacity for love that seems more Godly then human. You are very considerate of others and intuitively know how best to please them. You know how to give pleasure to your loved ones devotedly. This position makes you charming and romantic in dealing with the opposite sex. You are very sympathetic toward others and are easily moved by them. It is a good position for artist and excellent for all dramatic expression in writing and in acting. You may be emotional but never earthy and crude. You are impressionable and adaptable to all kinds of conditions with ease.

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