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M A R S - I N - A R I E S

This position of Mars gives a person a very strong will. You are a forceful and courageous person with dynamic purpose and determined action. You have practical ability with an indomitable will to win. You know how to go about making an idea popular. This position of Mars gives you strength and co-ordination of mind and body which if you are inclined toward athletics holds you in good stead. It makes a dare-devil type of person when this influence in given full range. You make a good businessman and an excellent politician for you are a person of action with good sense. You are not afraid to take a chance on things you see promising that other people may turn down.

M A R S - I N - T A U R U S

Mars in Taurus gives you steadiness, sincerity, determination and courage to persevere to win. You have good conservative executive ability to overcome obstacles that get in your way and an earthy, voluptuous self-expression. It gives you good excellent muscular co-ordination and grace. It also gives excellent voice and vocal qualities which would be a great asset to you if you so desired an acting career. You have powerful pleasing qualities of persuasion. You are energetic in relationship with the opposite sex who are attracted to you. Your approach to life is determined, patient and practical you should learn to save for you need financial security.

M A R S - I N - G E M I N I

This position gives you good intellectual expression. You tend to be high-strung and easily excited. You have a tendency to vacillate sometimes lacking force and persistence in accomplishing any one thing for the want of proper planning. You have a great power to excite people through your speech. You have good physical stamina. You must concentrate on putting enough power into your projects to bring them to a successful conclusion. You have fine expression in art, music and intellectual pursuits. You have a clever mind and once you learn to control your vacillation you can summons up the driving force and energy to accomplish any goal you set for yourself.

M A R S - I N - C A N C E R

This position gives you good emotional stamina. You tend to have a quiet, peaceful nature, generally a family person. You have good creative ability with excellent comprehension. You seem to have a natural knack for understanding people. You are especially capable of relating to people in humanitarian ways and as a rule love to delve into history of things and people. You have excellent ability to work with children for you seem to understand their needs and capacities for learning. This position makes you energetic and persevering and you are not easily thrown off balance. You are not above sidestepping the issues in a protective and emotional manner.

M A R S - I N - L E O

You are enterprising in all your endeavors. This position of Mars gives you courage to accomplish all your aims in life. Mars in Leo gives you a forceful driving personality which people respect and admire you for it. You are warmhearted and affectionate in all your dealings with friends and associates. You are particularly attentive toward your chosen mate. This position gives you the desire to lead and inspire co-workers to complete the work you start. You are a pragmatic hard worker and you're not afraid to tackle any job that requires aggressive action. You are bold in action and creative and innovative for you know how to get the job done where others fail.

M A R S - I N - V I R G O

This position of Mars makes you a proud, ambitious and able person. You are quick witted with a forceful, bold character. You are not distracted by emotional interest or considerations which make you dedicated when you choose a cause. This position gives you a driving analytical disposition and you can be quite detached while solving a problem despite the fact you may be deeply involved in the affair. You are naturally original and interested in scientific enterprises in which you usually succeed yet you may have many struggles and obstacles to overcome. You have the capacity for detailed work, you are modest, honest and very cautious, being a reserve quiet thinker.

M A R S - I N - L I B R A

You like to play fair but at times you become riled at the injustice you see which when stirred makes you fighting mad. You are forceful but never violent because you have a natural discipline and built in self-control. Even so you are capable of ardent, rash, impulsive or passionate love. You have good judgement and ability to weigh the pros and cons before you act. As a general rule you like to work with others and usually work your way into a position of authority. You have a balanced aggressive personality, good reasoning powers and you like to be involve and to get other people in accomplishing the various projects you have planned to perform in the future.

M A R S - I N - S C O R P I O

This position of Mars gives you determination of action to do things in your own way. It makes you energetic and shrewd. It gives you strong passions and a tremendous sex drive which may be funneled into some daring action. You have a practical nature with capacity for hard work that accomplishes much. You have executive power with mechanical and inventive ability. This position of Mars gives you a magnetic energetic way of dealing with people who admire your very resourcefulness in handling difficult problems. You are not afraid of hard work in accomplishing your well thought out plans. When things do not work out right you should learn to take criticism.

M A R S - I N - S A G I T A R I U S

This position of Mars gives you a straightforward direct approach to life and generally congenial in action. You must guard against being side tracked in life because this position gives disconnected action. You have a brilliant and quick wit. You are frank generous, and are capable of summoning up a lot of enthusiasm for your work projects. This position makes you ambitious thou at times you may appear to be impulsive in speech and action. You keep your mind active and although you like a good argument you usually display good humor. Your tendency is to be independent because you seek reasonable original ideas in executing your plans for future action.

M A R S - I N - C A P R I C O R N

This position of Mars gives courage, assurance and self-reliance. You are endowed with a bold nature, a strong liking for adventure. You like to do exciting things and you are often found performing some heroic action. You are ambitious with good organizing ability and you are not afraid to accept responsibility for getting projects off the ground. You are enterprising and industrious. You have excellent business capabilities and make a good real estate broker. You are not adverse to speculating or taking a chance for you desire to acquire wealth with a passion. You learn slow but once you do learn you make it part of you. You are strong willed and practical.

M A R S - I N - A Q U A R I U S

This position of Mars gives you good reasoning power and you usually look for some unique, original and unthought of point of view from which to reason. You make a good debater because you are forceful and convincing. You are capable of summing up facts in an argument with clear and concise conclusions quickly. You must watch being to head-strong and abrupt. You are quick-witted, prudent, intellectual but must be careful not to be impulsive in your manner and speech. Your opinions are not easily changed by others but when convinced of a condition or situation that seems right, you can readily change your mind quite abruptly and completely. You're opinionated person.

M A R S - I N - P I S C E S

This position of Mars simmers down the natural driving force of willpower in youth, however, this position gives the psyche powerful impetus and drive. You have the capacity to inspire people and control them through the projection of your own consciousness into another person. You are very much affected by your environment and therefore should always seek to live in harmony among other people. At times you may seem timid and cautious but if angered or aroused you become bold and audacious. This position often delays marriage. You are impressionable with strong emotions being very sensitive to other peoples feeling. You have a strong love nature even subtle.


J U P I T E R - I N - A R I E S - Disposition

This position of Jupiter gives you executive ability, original ideas and rise in position, possible through your own efforts. You have the capacity of convincing people to your point of view through your enthusiasm in what you have to say. With proper education it holds promise of success in work and gain in the material things of life. You have a pioneering spirit and an instinct for discovering new things. Your religion is down to earth and of the man-made type. Your capacity for creating excitement in products is contagious therefore you make an excellent sales person and sales manager. You are ambitious and have a sense of timing for beginning new projects.

J U P I T E R - I N - T A U R U S - Disposition

Your ideas and opinions are constructive in a positive way. It is a good position for money management which ability you are capable of acquiring. It is an asset for acting ability with a good singing voice. This position often provokes one into building and real estate involvement. You are a practical down to earth type of a person. Family ties are important to you. Your religious beliefs are more practical than the pie in the sky type. You are a sincere warmhearted person. You like the finer things of life. You are attracted to the adornments such as jewelry, paintings. You have a sense of desire and determination to possess financial security.

J U P I T E R - I N - G E M I N I - Disposition

You enjoy intellectual pursuits and are very skillful with your hands. You don't have great patience and you don't like routine work. You are a friendly type of a person being truthful and trustworthy. This position gives you writing and teaching ability. It also gives you an interest in music and arts. You have a variety of interest and may be involved in several projects at one time. You are sympathetic, kind and have humanitarian instincts. This position sometimes indicates two marriages. You have a sense of purpose in everything you do. You are most curious about people and objects. This position also gives you a very clever mental outlook.

J U P I T E R - I N - C A N C E R - Disposition

You are optimistic with good humor and disposition. You have a very useful imagination with an intellectual view of life. You are very friendly and a congenial person. You must guard against excess and extravagance because you are prone to eat and like good food which could cause a weight problem. This weight problem is particularly prevalent in later life. This position is fortunate for business enterprise and it gives you very good earning power. You would make a good politician. You are ambitious and generally popular gaining financially through it. You have very good hunches, therefore you make a good detective, it is also conducive to investigative work.

J U P I T E R - I N - L E O - Disposition

This position of Jupiter gives you executive ability and natural leadership qualities because you automatically attract people who admire you and become devoted to your cause. You have a warmhearted disposition and are a splendid showman. You think big and you like to do projects on a large scale. You are ambitious and aspire to achieve the best of everything. You have self-confidence and are capable of inspiring real hero-worship. You make a good host and are found of entertainment. Your love of nature runs deep, sincere and honest. You display very good judgment and wisdom in what you do in relationship with those with whom you are associated and may direct.

J U P I T E R - I N - V I R G O - Disposition

This position gives very good sound judgment in dealing with new projects. It makes you practical in all the things you like to do and inclines you to be down to earth. You happen to be analytical and discriminating when approaching any problem that comes your way. You like to acquire the necessary things in life and avoid waste. Your approach is systematic and detailed in the things you do. You display good common sense and like intellectual pursuits. You make a good technical writer and a very good instructor. This position favors building construction and real estate pursuits. You tend to be a cautious person and not easily imposed upon by other people.

J U P I T E R - I N - L I B R A - Disposition

You have a deep sense of justice with good abstract reasoning power. You have the power to weigh the pros and cons of an argument and come up with the right answers that are acceptable to others. Your decision making ability is to the point and well considered. You work well with others and as a matter of fact you need companionship in order to function properly. This position of Jupiter gives you an artistic touch for you have a good sense of proportional vision. Because of your abstract reasoning power it makes you a good mathematician. You like adventure in your life for you are not one to set around until something occurs, you cause things to happen. Your disposition is mild and temperate, sincere, earnest, sociable and obliging. You love peace, harmony, and justice.

J U P I T E R - I N - S C O R P I O - Disposition

You have immense self-confidence and dedication in everything you set your mind to do. Your faith in your capabilities to handle problems is very strong. This position gives great attraction for the opposite sex, you are appealing to other people who respond to you naturally. You excel where shrewdness and the ability to detect nature's secrets are required, you make a good research scientist. You do well in a profession serving the human needs of life. You have the capacity for keeping the confidence of others although you do like to express yourself fully. You have excellent earning power and are a wise investor of finances and you guard them judiciously.

J U P I T E R - I N - S A G I T T A R I U S - Disposition

This position of Jupiter gives you excellent earning power, favors lucky brakes in life. You benefit through managing money and also through law, philosophy and being diplomatic. You have sharp mental ability and natural intuition that warns you of dangerous situations that may impede your progress. It also subtly lets you know when to take advantage of undertakings. You are an optimistic person, are generous and like to live well. You instinctively know how to enjoy life and are well liked by other people. It gives you a very broad outlook on life in general and makes you a humanitarian, being kind and compassionate to other peoples problems. This position sometimes make a person prophetic.

J U P I T E R - I N - C A P R I C O R N - Disposition

This position of Jupiter makes you ambitious and industrious. It is a good position for real estate salesmen, brokers, contracting and construction. You would make a good merchant for you know how to bargain for the best price. You are a very careful planner and you are conscientious in performing your duties. You pay attention to details and are reliable. You are kind of reluctant to spend money. This is not to say you are a cheap skate but you are prudent where money is concerned but a large purchase doesn't phase you. You are capable of great accomplishments all because of your broad outlook. You understand peoples needs, and you excel because you are capable of hard work.

J U P I T E R - I N - A Q U A R I U S - Disposition

This position gives you political know-how, that is, you know how to handle people and situations expertly. You instinctively know your way around in an organization for you have strong intuitions and original ideas. Your basic religious thoughts and feelings are that of helping people rather than to dogmatic ideas. You are given to investigating new thoughts both social and spiritualistic. You are inclined to out-of-the-ordinary pursuits and even mystical pursuits are not beyond your capabilities. You are a cheerful person who likes good humor. You have a sympathetic way with people and are congenial. You get along in dealing with people you become associated with both in work and in recreational.

J U P I T E R - I N - P I S C E S - Disposition

This position of Jupiter makes you both kind and generous in dealing with people. It gives you high ideals and makes you a source for inspiration and co-operation. You work best when working with other people rather than working by yourself and you know how to get along with associates in getting the job done. You like to dramatize emotional and human interests both the simple and the tragic. It is a good position for public speaking and in social fields. You have a deep sense of the spiritual side of life and usually gain a broad viewpoint from new experiences. It is a very good position for those dealing in liquids of all kinds. You are prone to a life of ease.


S A T U R N - I N - A R I E S - Stability

This position of Saturn makes you sure of yourself, ambitious and aggressive though you tend to be a loner with not a great many close friends. This fact may place limitations on your success but you may achieve your aims by appealing to the public at large and much hard work. Experience is your greatest teacher for you may encounter difficulties which you may struggle to overcome. You are reasonable, determined and persevering with good reasoning powers, however, you are not adverse to argument and you are easily angered. This Saturn position gives you a good sense of timing when to begin projects. When you settle down to a particular profession you are very study.

S A T U R N - I N - T A U R U S - Stability

You are very stable and determined. Some people may say you are just plain stubborn because of your unyielding nature. This position of Saturn gives you the ability to overcome difficulties and accept responsibilities. It gives you firm convictions. You are patient, plodding and dedicated to your work. It is a good position for raise in the military service should you care to join that organization. Money does not come easily to you but you tend to save and you are not wasteful. You have a firm will and strive to win even against great odds. Your success comes through perseverance. You have a realistic approach to life that makes you to rise above the odds.

S A T U R N - I N - G E M I N I - Stability

This position of Saturn gives you a very profound intellect, worldly wisdom, sophisticated diplomatic thinking. Your mind is quick and versatile. Even though you are a quick thinker you tend to be stable and reserve in your dealings with most situations. You have patient capacities for understanding the deep aspects of life. Sometimes indicates difficulty with children and relatives. You may have a difficult time getting an education although you tend to be highly intellectual with good comprehension. You have a purpose in every thing you attempt to do in life. You are a very curious about the persons with whom you associate wanting to know all about them.

S A T U R N - I N - C A N C E R - Stability

With this position of Saturn you most curb the tendency to be lax and even possibly lazy. You should never overindulge in food or drink. You should learn to relax, to meditate and examine old ideas for possible revision for new direction from time to time. This position gives persistence in the things you attempt to accomplish in life. It is a good position for acquiring a home early in life. With this position you should be careful of your diet and guard against obesity also keep your digestive tract open to avoid cramps and some disorders which you may be prone to get from time to time. You are introspective and maintain your sense of values for all things.

S A T U R N - I N - L E O - Stability

This position denotes that you are fussy about the friends you choose. You like to make your own way. You tend to be analytical and are therefore inclined to be distant toward other people. You don't readily accept advise from others. Compliments and flattery makes you suspicious of other peoples motive, so you are apt to back off when people display affection. This position can make you so sensitive to conditions that you are apt to jump at conclusions that are not justified by the facts. You must take more time to consider the facts in you analysis. You are a hard worker and have a way of sticking to the job till it is done even in the face of odds.

S A T U R N - I N - V I R G O - Stability

This position of Saturn gives you the ability to understand those intellectual and weighty matters of life. You have the capacity to analyze and organize in a down to earth practical manner. It gives you mental stability, however, you must curb the tendency to quibble over minor details and also being to critical. You are a cautious, serious, and quiet person. You must guard against being discouraged or depressed and above all don't get trapped into worrying or being over anxious. You have the inclination for investigating profound and scientific studies. It is a good position for careful financial investments through which you could gain much in stocks and bonds.

S A T U R N - I N - L I B R A - Stability

This position of Saturn gives you sound judgment and tactfulness with others. You make good administrators and politicians. You benefit through older people and are devoted to your spouse who is very helpful toward your ambitions in life. Your thoughts are very concise and comprehensive. You can exhibit a masterful technique in expressing yourself. Your are capable of superfluous but terse details. This position gives you a smooth flowing personality. You display a balanced personality with good reasoning power. You love harmony, companionship, and you are refine and very idealistically disposed. You have a critical eye for details in art and music.

S A T U R N - I N - S C O R P I O - Stability

This position of Saturn gives a strong forceful character with worldly wisdom which enables you to successfully advance in life. You conceal your strength of will under a pleasant and agreeable approach to people whom you try to assist in a positive way. This position gives self-control and the ability to successfully dominate other people but you must curb the tendency to be selfish and absolute in your dealings particularly in your private life. People look to you for advice and as a rule you are able to set them on the right tract. You must be careful to not play God.

S A T U R N - I N - S A G I T T A R I U S - Stability

This position gives a frank, humanitarian outlook on life. You create your own opportunities through hard work and your own ability to coup with people and situations. You develop your depth of understanding through your capacity for unrestricted human relations. You give tangible application toward human action with those people with whom you associate. You are very sensitive to human love and companionship and are able to awaken the real desires of those with whom you are intimate.

S A T U R N - I N - C A P R I C O R N - Stability

This position of Saturn makes you serious, cautious and to have the desire to gain prosperity through your own efforts. You have a keen desire to rise in life and through persistence you generally succeed. You have tact and are diplomatic and ambitious. You must guard against attachments with unreliable friends and those people who would like to drag you down to their level. You are very sensitive to everyday practical values and are clever in meeting emergencies. People are apt to think you are a shrewd operator for this reason.

S A T U R N - I N - A Q U A R I U S - Stability

This position of Saturn makes you a serious thinker. You seek to preserve the rights and traditions of others. It gives you humanitarian aspirations. You have the capacity for putting yourself into any and every function of individual or social experience yet remaining detached and unchanged yourself. You have the tendency to form many acquaintances and lasting ties, some romantic. You are sensitive to the intellectual side of life. You are capable of deep penetrating thoughts which you develop through observation and experience with quit determination.

S A T U R N - I N - P I S C E S - Stability

You are capable of deep penetration into the hidden things of life. You are sensitive to drawing out the best in other people. You must guard against becoming involved with deceptive and undeveloped people who may try to drag you down to their level. You are emotionally sensitive to your surroundings and must learn to develop firmness and continuity of thought. Circumstances often decide your mode of action, therefore you must guard against being caught up into situations you may later regret.

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